Goddard Retirees & Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163, Seabrook, MD 20703

APRIL 2000                   http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa      16th Year of Publication

April ll, 2000  ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Guest Speaker: Charlie Boyle
                                       Call Alberta 30l-937-7762 to make reservations
May 9, 2000  ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Need Volunteer to be Guest Speaker
May 17-24, 2000 - Baltimore to Bermuda aboard the Crown Dynasty-Inside cabins from $1,025 and
                                       outside from $1,112. Docks at the Royal Naval Dockyard for the weekend--make reservations by                                        calling Alberta 30l-937-7762
May 20, 2000 - New York City, NY, Motor Coach - Day Trip - $89 per person - due 4/l5/00 - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498                                       for further details.
June l3, 2000  ll:30 a.m. - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Dr. John Wood of Goddard's Optical Branch will                                       be the Guest Speaker - Call Alberta for reservations 301-937-7762
July 3-6, 2000 Cruise to Nowhere - SS Rembrandt out of Baltimore - 3 days/2 nights - $490 per person - (Inside) - $650                                       per person (Outside). $l50 Deposit due by 5/l/00 - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details --
July ll, 2000 ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - GRAND GRAA BIRTHDAY PARTY (See Comments below by GRAA's President                                       for more details) Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations
Aug. 7-ll, 2000 - Niagara Falls & Toronto - 3 days/4 nights - $495 per person - $l00 Deposit due by 4/l5 - Call GEWA                                      30l-286-8498 for further details
Sept 28-Oct 2, 2000 - Branson, MO trip - Round Trip Airfare/4 night accommodation/6 shows/Extended Continental                                      Breakfasts, etc., $725 Per Person Double--Reservations -301 937-7762
Oct. 9-l3, 2000 Myrtle Beach, SC - 5 days/4 nights - Motor Coach - $495 per person - $l00 Deposit due By 4/l5/00 - Call                                     GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details --
Oct. l8-25, 2000 - Royal Canadian Autumn Cruise - Quebec City to Baltimore - Inside Cabin $l009 -
                                    Outside Cabin $ll49 - Plus Port Taxes/Airfare - If interested call Alberta 30l-937-7762
Dec. l-3, 2000 Bethlehem, PA - Motor Coach - 3 days/2 nights - $365 Per Person - $l00 Deposit due by 5/l - Call GEWA                                     30l-286-8498 for further details
Dec. 8-l0, 2000 New York City, NY - Motor Coach - 3 days/2 nights - $365 Per Person - $l00 Deposit due by 5/l - Call                                    GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details --

MAIL STUFFERS FOR MARCH: Frank Wrigley, Eloise Tarter, Rose McChesney, Mary & Bob Wilson, Paul Pasby, Bob Wigand, Roland van Allen and Elaine Montgomery.

ADOPT-A-ROAD: Three volunteers (Elaine Bobbitt, Bob Wigand & Elaine Montgomery) made the Clean-up event successful by filling over 7 large bags plus managing to get an old sink & some tires off the road . More of you should join in this worthwhile task (at least help Bob Wigand with the two Elaines). -

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Don Grove, Bob O'Steen, Jim Reese, Frank Logan, H.K. Lee, Wally Chaco and Paul J. Alfonsi. A one thousand dollar contribution was made in memory of Dr. Harry Goett to the College of Holy Cross, his alma mater.

At the March GRAA luncheon, we discovered we had in attendance one person over 80 years old, four between 65 and 70, and ten below 65 years. (This list does not include a few ladies and gentlemen who chose to designate themselves as over 2l.) Faced with these overwhelming numbers, we have chosen to postpone the grand GRAA Birthday Party from next month to July and to expand the program by asking each of you to send us (GRAA, P.O. Box #l63, Seabrook, MD, 20703) photos of yourself during your Goddard days and a note telling the funniest thing that happened to you while working at Goddard. The responses will be read aloud at the July lunch. Can anyone do better than Charlie Boyle's story of meeting Mike Vaccaro's plane at BWI when Mike arrived from Lewis to take over A&M at Goddard. It was so cold, my lips froze to his ring!

Speaking of Charlie Boyle, do you remember that in l970 he wrote a book entitled SPACE AMONG US, with the subtitle SOME EFFECTS OF SPACE RESEARCH ON SOCIETY. His book described the many ways space science and engineering had changed peoples lives up to that time. Clearly many more effects and changes due to space research have occurred in the last thirty years. What are some of them? Charlie's doing an update of his book and will be the speaker at our April llth lunch to talk about them and to ask for inputs from his audience. It should be good fun.

At the June Luncheon, we will have a report with many beautiful illustrations of the wonders from Goddard's Hubble Space Telescope by Dr. John Wood of Goddard's Optical Branch. Dr. Wood is very knowledgeable and qualified to discuss the outstanding results from Hubble.

GODDARD'S VISITOR CENTER - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! The Visitor's Center needs volunteers to assist with tours, presentations, administrative assistants and front desk aides. If you are customer service oriented and want to give back to the community, please join the Visitor Center Staff. No experience necessary. Training will be provided - however, you must be at least l8 years of age or older. If you sign up before 4/9/00, you can join the group for the April l6th Earth Awareness Community Day!!! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLS CALL 30l-286-703l.

GSFC'S EARTH AWARENESS 2000 COMMEMORATIVE WINE SALE: l998 Vin De Jus Glace and Award-Winning Dessert Wine, Gold Medal winner in the MD Governor's Cup Competition, produced by Elk Run Vineyards in Mt. Airy, MD. This wine normally retails for $20 but is now available on a limited basis for only $l3 during Goddard's Awareness celebration. The label shows a Landsat 7 image of Washington DC and the Chesapeake Bay along with an outline of the state, home to Goddard main campus and to Elk Run Vineyards. If interested pls call JoAnn Clark - 30l-286-7977 or Barbara Sally 30l-286-8436.

Presently living in London, TN - re his letter sent recently to Bob Wilson - thanks for keeping up the publication and faithful support of the helpers in this task, especially Frank Wrigley, John Steckel, Eloise Tarter, Bob Wigand, and others. Enjoys his new home in Tennessee. Hopes to see some of his friends the next time he visits the area. Enjoys using E-Mail.
FRANCIS J. (MIKE) LOGAN:Keep up the good work - we enjoy the Newsletter and still resides in Silver Spring.
PAUL J. ALFONSI: Presently living in Ocean City, MD - sends thanks to all at GRAA for being kept informed of all that's happening with former colleagues and the new staff @ Goddard - the accomplishments of the new bunch are impressive - Hubble is incredible - Good Luck to all!! (Revised mailing address noted)
BOB O'STEEN: Enjoyed receiving your recent note. Sorry for the mixup - Since you be O'Steen - not Steen we thank both of you.
JAMES C. REESE: Has retired to Cape Coral, Florida - spends summers in Maine - sends thanks for the wonderful Newsletter - and his blessing to all old friends and associates.

Died on March 8, 2000
CHARLES V. MOYER: December 30, l999 of Lou Gehrig disease.
PAUL A. LANTZ: Died February 2, 2000. Retired from NASA in l974 after 20 years of service.
ARTHUR C. CLARKE: Died in Colorado February l0, 2000 of pulmonary fibrosis.
SYLVIA LOOKABILL: of Bowie, MD, died 2/25/00 of cancer.

Dr. Chris J. Christie - Dcjcaat@cs.com
Ray Hefsson - rhesson@aol.com
William A. Pfeiffer - wpfeiffer@Cfl.rr.com