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September 2004                               http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                   20th Year of Publication

Important Dates:

Sep 14            GRAA regular luncheon at 11:30 a.m., with Dr. John Mather as our featured speaker. Reservations are                        required, so please call 301-937-7762 in advance.

Oct 12            GRAA regular luncheonat 11:30 a.m.. Reservations are required, so please call 301-937-7762 in advance.

Oct 26            Nimbus 40th Reunion at the Bea and Barney Recreation Center from 5 to 9 P.M.. Ralph Shapiro is                        organizing an afternoon event with guest speakers at the Visitors Center to commemorate 40 years of Nimbus.                        you can check www.nimbus-sat.org for more details and indicate your interest in attending th eevent by                        e-mailing Michael.L.Forman@nasa.gov. See a related article in this newsletter for more information.

Nov 4            GRAA and Orbital Club Dinner Theatre at the Bea and Barney Recreation Center. The entertainment is a                       musical titled City of Angels, with the cost yet to be determined. Now is the time to talk with your friends and                       plan to make reservations for a table (or two). Reservations may be made by calling 301-937-7762.

Nov 9           GRAA regular luncheon at 11:30 a.m.. This event will include the Echo Project Reunion. The Echo Project was                      launched 40 years ago last January. Plan to attend, visit with old friends, and remember that very visible satellite.                      Vintage video taken from the launch vehicle will be shown. Ron Muller and John Thole are orchestrating this                      special reunion activity. Reservations are required, so please call 301-937-7762 in advance.

Dec 9           Shopping, theatre (Christmas show at the American Music Theatre) and dinner. Bus to Lancaster, PA, with                     shopping at Rockvale (over 150 discount stores). All taxes and tips are included at the low cost of $80 per                     person. Please call 301-937-7762 for reservations.

Apr 21,'05  Eastern Caribbean 10-day cruise on Holland america from Norfolk, VA, to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Virgin                    Islands, Antigua, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico. Cruise fares vary from $1,275 inside to $1,750 outside with                    veranda. The fares include fixed fees of $238 covering port taxes and other miscellaneous charges. This same                    cruise is available on February 17, 2005, by joining a group from Ocean City. For reservations and/or additional                    information, please call GRAA Travel at 301-937-7762.

COMMENTS FROM RON BROWNING, GRAA PRESIDENT: NASA has recently announced a major reoganization at Headquarters, which includes some realignment of Center reporting and management changes at NASA Headquarters and Goddard. Four technical directorates replace the six Enterprises at Headquarters. The new directorates are Aeronautics, Science, Exploration, and Operations.Exploration will be directing the development of the Lunar/Mars Program. Operations will be covering human space flight (Shuttle and Space Station) and communications. Dr. Al Diaz was selected to head the Science Directorate that includes both space and earth science and has management oversight of JPL, Goddard and Ames.Dr. Ed Weiler has taken the helm as Goddard's new Center Director. Our speakers over th next few months should provide excellent insight on how Goddard may be impacted by the changes. You can sign up today to enjoy Dr. John Mather's presentation, "James Webb Space Telescope and its Infrared Friends," at our September meeting. Simply contact Alberta Moran at 301-937-7762 to reserve your seat at the luncheon.

NIMBUS 40th REUNION - COLLOQUIUM AND DINNER ON OCTOBER 26: There will be a colloquium and dinner on October 26th to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the August 28, 1964 launch of the Nimbus 1 observatory, built under the NASA/GSFC 30-year Nimbus Program.Ciurrent and retired government and contractor personnel are invited to participate in both events. Th colloquium will beheld from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at Goddard's Visitor Center off Soil Conservation Service Road. The prime objective of the colloquium will be to present Nimbus Program contributions to the public welfare, such as the revolutionizing of weather forecasting techniques, public awarenes of the danger resulting from ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere and satellite system technology support to the world-wide search and rescue operations. If you are interested in speaking at this event or attending the colloquium, please contact Cynthia O'Carroll at 301-614-5563 or by e-mail at Cynthia.M.Ocarroll@nasa.gov. The dinner will be held at the Bea and Barney Recreation Center off Soil Conservation Service Road from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.. The menu will include appetizers, Prime Rib, Spiced Shrimp, and beer/wine/soft drinks. If you plan on attending the dinner orknow of someone who may be interested, please contact Michael Formanat 301-286-9287 or e-mail him at Michael.L.Forman@nasa.gov. For further information, log on to www.nimbus-sat.org.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Bob Wigand reports that donations were received from Paul Alfonsi, Dick Hockensmith, Tom Underwood and Nancy Roman.

ROAD CLEANUP: The GRAA's quarterly trash pickup along Good Luck Road adjacent to the Center will be held (weather permitting) following the September meeting. Volunteers will meet outside Gate 13 (rear gate of the Rec Center) about 1:30 p.m..

September 4, 1964: Thor-Agena launched the first of six Orbiting Geophysical Observatories, which included some 20 instruments.
September 28, 1988: The Shuttle Discovery launched TDRS-C (TDRS-II, which was the first Shuttle launch after the Challenger accident.
September 12, 1991: The Shuttle Discovery launched the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS).

Hugh Turnbull wrote that he had received an e-mail from Keith Walters' wife, Carole, recently. Carole noted that Keith had suffered a major heart attack on June 2nd and is currently undergoing rehab. Cards or notes of encouragement may be sent to Keith at P.O.Box 279, Bozman, MD 21612.
Rick Karas sent in a change of address after receiving his first newsletter after retiring. Rick wrote, "I enjoyed reading it."
Evelyn Peters sent in a change of address to Elaine Montgomery and wrote, "I don't want to miss a single issue." Evelyn is now located at 320 S.w.Maclay Way, Point St. Lucie, FL 34986.
Frank Martin is "on the mend" following a long illness and is now living with his daughter. Friends can send cards or notes of encouragement to Frank at 15000 Comus Road, Boyds, MD 20841.
Ken Dolan wrote, "I enjoy the newsletter very much. I haven't been able to make it to a luncheon, but plan to do so soon."
Paul Alfonsi wrote "I enjoy keeping up with things at GSFC, but I must admit I recognize very few of the current staff. I really enjoy 'stuff' from the archives.It brings back memories. Please keep up the great work."
Dick Hockensmith wrote "I enjoy the news from GSFC and GRAA. I am now married to Verda for about a year - not traveling much - getting out 'I'm Fit' (a Health Fitness Motivator), produced for all who need it. I hope to stop by one of these months for a luncheon meeting. "

DUTILE, Natalie
passed away recently in Northglenn, CO. Roger Jordan, Natalie's brother-in-law, wrote, "Her ne2w address I'm sure is in heaven. She was a fine lady."

Marge Gustafson, Frank Wrigley, Barbara Hamilton, Bob Wigand, Agnes Smith, Elaine Montgomery and Dave Moulton.

The GEWA Exchange still has discount tickets for area theme parks available for purchase. If you don't take advantage of them soon, the summer will be over and the parks will be closed.

We heard that GEWA exchange stalwart Elaine Bobbitt has been under the weather. Friends can send cards and notes of encouragement to Elaine at 15-T Laurel Hill Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770.

John Millman's new address is jmillman@comcast.net.
Hugh Turnbull's new address is w3abc@arrt.org.
Pat Ratkewicz's new address is pattyax48@cablespeed.com.
William Dickinson's new address is wdickins@comcast.net.
Steve Lineweaver's new address is sline6512@aol.com
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