Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
                        P.O. Box 163, Seabrook, MD 20703

September 2003                       http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                 19th Year of Publication


Sept. 9, 2003      GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for                             reservations (IUE REUNION ATTENDEES WILL JOIN THIS LUNCHEON).

Sep.25-29,2003  BRANSON, MO - 5 DAYS - This is a "GO"-20 seats available call Alberta 30l-937-7762                             for details. Cost $820 per person, RT air, bus, 6 shows, breakfast and dinners, tips, 4 nights                             motel

Sept. 25, 2003     EOY ISLAND PARTY - Catered Dinner w/DJ - 4:30 p.m. RecCenter - Menu: shrimp/jerk                             chicken, hamburgers/hot dogs/side dishes/beer/wine/sodas - PLUS cash door prizes! Tickets:                             $l2 per person until COB 9/l2/03 at GEWA Store. After 9/l2/03, $20 per person until 9/l9/03                             - Only 200 tickets will be sold and no tickets will be sold after 9/l9 - No exceptions - GEWA                             sponsored.

Oct.l0-l2, 2003    NACA Reunion - Cleveland, OH - If interested, pls contact Marty Eiband, GRAA Member,                             ASAP -30l-474-7693. (Details were included in April's GRAA Newsletter)

Oct.ll-l2, 2003     NY, NY - Join GEWA - Visit Favorite Museums/Central Park Walkthru/Broadway                             Show/Party etc. Includes R/T Bus Transportation/light breakfast/4-Star Hotel                             Accommodations/Trip to Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island on Sunday/dinner/all taxes/gratuities.                             Cost $249pp (based on double occupancy). $125 Deposit Due By 8/29/03 - Balance Due                             by 9/l2/03 - No Refund after 9/12/03 - Call 30l-286-8498 - Tickets sold as long as seats are                             available.

Oct. l4, 2003       GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for                             reservations

Oct. l5. 2003       GEWA's Fall Crafts Fair - l0 am - 2 pm - Bldg 8 Auditorium - Registration $l5 per space                             (l0'xl0' area with one 3'x5' table + 2 chairs) - Open to all GSFC retirees, family members &                             friends. Items must be handmade. Registration forms & checks due by COB l0/5/03. Forms                             available at GEWA store or contact Catherine Simkins (csimkins@pop400.gsfc.nasa.gov) for                             an electronic copy.

Oct.26-Nov.        Switzerland/France/Italy/Austria/Munich (Germany) - $2409 pp (Includes air transportation,        2003             tour director, hotels, hotel service charges, tips, baggage handling, local taxes, motor coach,                             etc.). Call Pat GEWA Store 30l-286-8565

Nov. 6, 2003       ORBITAL/GRAA DINNER THEATER NIGHT - featuring "Barnum" - $25.00                             Dinner/Show -- Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Nov. 18, 2003*   GRAA Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for                              reservations (*See update Note at end of newsletter).

Dec. 9, 2003         LANCASTER, PA - One-Day Bus Trip - Shopping/Christmas 2003 at American Music                              Theater, Back Stage Tour, Tips, Round Trip Bus Fare - $75.00 Per Person - Pls Call                              30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Dec. l3, 2003        RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR - New York City, NY -                              Full Course Dinner, R/T motor coach, tips. taxes. gratuities. - $l69 Per Person - DEPOSIT                              $75 due w/reservations - Balance Due ll/2l - (NO REFUNDS AFTER 10/24) Bus Departs                              Visitor Center at 6:30 am and returns approximately ll pm. Tickets sold as long as seats                              available. Pls call GEWA Store 30l-286-8498.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: Our GRAA lunch was a little quieter than usual because we had no guest speaker - (it was quiet until Elaine Montgomery started telling jokes) but future lunches will have events: In September the IUE Reunion, and in October, Gilbert Levin will talk about his life detection experiments on the Viking Mars landers and the current evidence for water on the Martian surface that indicates his long time contention that he did find microbial life may well be correct. Plan to be with us in September for IUE and October for Mars.

On August l9, a history colloquium was presented in the Center's Bldg 3 Auditorium by Dr. Roger Launius, former NASA Chief Historian and now Historian to the National Air & Space Museum. His subject, "NASA: from the Past to the Future" covered the evolution of NASA from its creation in l958 to the present and emphasized the importance of public opinion and politics in determining NASA's goals and courses of action. After the colloquium, Center Director Al Diaz made a very graceful speech dedicating the Auditorium to Goddard's first Center Director, Harry Goett. Remarks should be found in an edition of the Goddard News. Andrew Goett, Harry's son, spoke as follows: "On behalf of my family, I want to thank Dr. Diaz, the Goddard community and NASA for the honor of naming this auditorium in memory of my father, Harry Goett. My father had a great affection for Goddard Space Flight Center , its mission and the people he worked with here. He regarded his tenure at Goddard as the pinnacle of his professional career, which spanned almost 50 years, covering the development of high speed propeller aviation through the commercial applications of space technologies in communications. He took great pride in the achievements of the Center and the dedication of its staff to engineering and scientific excellence. Long after he left Goddard, he continued to maintain close contact with the people here and to follow the accomplishments of the Center with keen interest. I know he would be very grateful for the honor you have given him."

TREASURER'S REPORT; Donations were received from H. K. Lee, Nancy R. Hodgens, Ernest & Jean Busboso, George Robinson, Richard Schumacher, Mary Beauchamp and Alex Lawrence.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR AUGUST: Rose McChesney, Marge Gustafson, Agnes R. Smith. Mary and Bob Wilson, Elaine Montgomery, Frank Wrigley, Hugh O'Donnell, Bill Shields and Ewald Schmidt.

ROAD CLEANUP: GRAA's quarterly trash pickup along Good Luck Road near Goddard will be held after the September meeting (weather permitting) - Volunteers are welcome.

ITEM OF INTEREST: RE: KENNETH F. JACOBS - Charlie Boyle recently informed us that after a lengthy stay in the Howard Co. General Onocology Center, Ken is now at home and would enjoy hearing from any and all of his friends - Tel. # 30l-490-5829 - Address: Kenneth F. Jacobs, l26l5 Cedarbrook LN, Laurel MD 20708.


GEORGE A. ROBINSON of Conway, SC - "It has been almost six years since we left Maryland and moved down here. We enjoy the weather and are in good health. I guess you can't ask for more than that. I look forward each month for the Newsletter to find out what other retirees are doing."

FRED KREIS of Annville, PA - Along with a new address sends "Thanks for the Newsletter."

BUSBOSO, ERNEST B. Of  Locust Dale, VA - Along with a change of address - "enjoys the Newsletter"

NEWMAN, CHARLES R. of Crofton, MD - Along with address change - "Enjoys getting the retirees newsletter"

HODGENS, NANCY OF Fredericksburg, VA - Along with address change - "Thanks for sending the Newsletter"

AL LAWRENCE of Mayo, MD - "Hi - enjoy receiving the 'Newsletter'

MURDOCK, PAUL A. of Myrtle Beach, SC - Along with new address "Thanks for sending the Newsletter, nice to keep in touch. We are moving south and going to finally, finally retire. Give my best to all."


Adams, Donald K.(227.3)     Chandler, Elizabeth L. (583)  Jurotich, Matthew W. (556)  Yang, Chao Y.(931)

Beckwith, Sharon L.(200)      Hamilton, Thomas W. (903)  Moulton, David L. (205.l)

Behring, Dr. William E.(682)  Hart, Betty P. (296)               Poland, Arthur I. (682)

Bryant, Paul T.(565)              Johnson, Clarence S. (547)    Reardon, Kathleen M. (220)

Calabrese, Michael A. (480   Johnson, Aleta E. (9l0)           Reed, Kenneth V. (553)

Ryno, Lois C. (20l)               Smith, Thomas Edward (293)  Weinman, James A. (975)

WISEMAN, GENEVIEVE (Jennie) of Baltimore, MD - died July 27. 2003. of cancer.
RILEY, CARL A. of Newport News, VA, died December 200l.
ADAMSON, EUGENE of Ayden, NC. died August 4, 2003 of cancer.
DAVIS, LEO of Albuquerque, NM died July l8, 2003 after a stroke. Retired from GSFC in l98l.

GRAA MEMBERS: Effective immediately, GSFC is increasing security due to a potential threat. The processing of all visitors (including individuals picking up temporary badges) will be moved to the Visitors Center, Bldg. 88. All retirees will be required to receive their visitors pass have their vehicles and personal property inspected. In view of these requirements, arrangements have been made for retirees to be admitted directly through the GOOD LUCK ROAD GATE for the September 9th luncheon. You MUST have reservations, ID and the retiree picture badge. Call for reservations 301-937-7762.

* Note: Since the second Tuesday in November, the 11th, is a federal holiday, the Rec Center will be closed on that date. Our luncheon will be held the following Tuesday, the 18th.