Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

September 2001                                       http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                  17th Year of Publication


Sept. ll, 200l       GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - ll:30 AM - PLS CALL 30l-937-7762 for reservations. (NOTE: Due to high cost of crabs, app.                             $l50 bushel, the annual crab feast normally held at this September date requiring a cost of at least $30.00 per person, has been                             canceled)

l0/8-l2, 200l        NEW ENGLAND SAMPLER - Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine - Cost: $569 - $l00 dep. due now - Bal. Due 8/30/0l - Stop by                             GEWA store - pick up detailed flyer or call (Elaine ) 30l-286-8498 -

Oct. 9, 200l         GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - ll:30 AM - PLS CALL 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Oct. 20, 200l       NEW YORK CITY - $49 EACH - Includes RT Bus trip/snacks/movie on bus/etc. - spend day doing what you want to do such                             as visit art gallery, St. Patrick's Cathedral, stroll thru Central Park, visit friends, shop til you drop, dine in a theme restaurant. Bus                             will dpt Bldg 8 parking lot at 6:30 am and return approximately ll:00 pm. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498. First come first served.

Nov.l0-Nov.l3,0l BAHAMAS - PRICE: $669 Dbl; 599 Tpl, $569 Quad - Dep: $l50 - Final due 9/24/0l - Call GEWA 301-286-8498.

Nov. l3, 200l        GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - ll:30 AM - PLS CALL 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Nov. l, 200l          GRAA/ORBITAL CLUB DINNER THEATER - "BRIGADOON" - RECCENTER (Check next month's Newsletter for details)

Dec. 7, 200l          Magic of a Musical Christmas, Lancaster, PA. Outlet shopping, Holiday Jubilee Xmas show, orchestra seats, Backstage Tour,                               Buffet dinner at Wiilow Valley In, Bus, all tips incl. $70 per person, GRAA Travel 301-937-7762

GEWA STORE ITEMS: 2002 Year Enteratinment books available - Price: DC/MD, DC/VA - $35 - Baltimore $25. Christmas Card Catalogs                              available. Need to order by Oct. l2th for printed cards which will include return address on envelop free of charge. Cards are                              l5% off catalog price.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: We managed to make it through our August lunch without Alberta and Elaine at the table by the door. Alberta's daughter Missy, Ginny Wiseman and Dottie Reid handled things nicely. Barney surprised us all by giving us great steaks, cooked to his usual perfection. The 43 plus people who showed up were so happy over the menu that they listened with almost no protests to George Pieper's recitations of some amusing (?) poetry in place of a guest speaker ...... Next month we will have our usual lunch on Sept. ll. No crab feast this year (sob) because of the poor quality and extremely high price for crabs. We hope to be able to have one next year.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR AUGUST: Agnes R. Smith, Bob Wigand, Bob & Mary Wilson, Bill Shields, Marty Eiband, Robert Wilson, Frank Wrigley and Elaine Montgomery.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from John Sullivan, John Kiebler, and Dick Stock. GRAA's account balances as of June 30, 200l totaled $l4,545.50.

GEWA is looking to hire an Administrative Assistant. Work schedule is flexible, part time, involves record keeping, note and minute taking, filling, official clerical support to the President of GEWA, computer skills, e-mail, MS office. Pay is starting at $10 per hour. All applications should call Ted Mecum, 301-286-2198 or Marian Dudley, 301 286-2280.
AIAA National Capital Section recruiting for an Executive Secretary, approximately 80 hours monthly, set up monthly luncheons, mailing newsletter, clerical duties, etc. Call Alberta, 301 927-7762.

TRASH CLEAN-UP -GOOD LUCK RD: Come prepared to assist in this worthwhile cause - last chance for this quarter. (Try volunteering -- you'll never know unless you do)..

ITEM OF INTEREST: Hackers accessed the GEWA server last month, disrupting our website. The Newsletter can be brought up through the default http shown on the homepage screen. Hopefully the problem will be corrected shortly.


BILL COOPER: writes that "The Dish" is a splendid movie, now playing in local theatres - it concerns Apollo II.

JOHN W. KIEBLER: has moved from Maryland to Hilton Head Island, S.C. - writes that he and Barbara have spent the last four winters in S.C. and decided it was a good place to be for most of the year - no more snow and cold weather to restrict outdoor activities. Wishes to continue receiving the monthly bulletin with its news of interest to "us"old timers -mentions that a good job is done and is appreciated.

RICHARD STOCK: of Severna Park, MD - Sends a note stating he enjoys the GSFC article and the cover notes - Sends thanks for a job well done.


FRANCIS V. KENLON: Received note from his wife that he died - no particulars given - lived in Snow Hill, MD

JAMES A. FLEMMING: Received word that he died recently - no particulars given - lived in Glen Burnie.

EDWARD MASON DE MASO: of Centreville, MD, a communications and public relations official, died Aug. l6, at Kent and Queen Anne's Hospital. He became director for public affairs for NASA/GSFC. Burial was at Arlington National Cemetery, August 29, 2001.


The following message was received from Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Code 300:

                                                        Knowledge Preservation at Goddard

Got a story to tell? We would like to hear it. In an effort to share knowledge, we plan on developing a knowledge retention program at Goddard. This would be useful to enable valuable stories, whether successes or failures, to be told and captured so others could learn from each otherís experiences. It would facilitate the building of Goddardís institutional memory and contribute towards nurturing a knowledge sharing culture.

If you feel that you have an important story to share with others about your experiences in the program/project management and systems engineering areas while at Goddard, we would be interested in hearing from you. To get things moving, we would like to have our initial stories by September 30, 2001. Kindly email a one page description of your story, indicating a title for your story, your name/address/position, 3-4 key words, who would benefit most from your story, a one paragraph description of your story, and one paragraph on lessons learned. People will be selected from these descriptions to be videotaped to tell their story in two minutes. The goal is to then make these videos available via the web through online searchable video techniques so that people could learn from the successes and failures of others. Kindly email your descriptions by September 30 to Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Knowledge Management Officer, at liebowit@pop300.gsfc.nasa.gov. We welcome stories from individuals at all levels in the organization. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


                                                                   SPECIAL ADMITTANCE
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