Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

October 2003                           http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                 19th Year of Publication


Oct. l4, 2003   GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for                         reservations

Oct. l5. 2003   GEWA's Fall Crafts Fair - l0 am - 2 pm - Bldg 8 Auditorium - Registration $l5 per space (l0'xl0'                         area with one 3'x5' table + 2 chairs) - Open to all GSFC retirees, family members & friends.                         Items must be handmade.

Oct.26-Nov.    Switzerland/France/Italy/Austria/Munich (Germany) - $2409 pp (Includes air transportation,           2003      tour 2003 director, hotels, hotel service charges, tips, baggage handling, local taxes, motor                         coach, etc.) Call Pat GEWA Store 30l-286-8565

Nov. 6, 2003   ORBITAL/GRAA DINNER THEATER NIGHT - featuring "Barnum" - $25.00 Dinner/Show                         -- Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations. 

Nov. l8, 2003  GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - NOTE NOT USUAL DATE Pls call                         Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations (Date changed due to l1/11/03 Holiday)

Nov. l4, 2003  GEWA Night - Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Doors Open 6:30 pm - Show starts                         6:00 pm Tickets: Adult $37.95 Children $30.95 (under l2) - Located Arundel Mills, 7000                         Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, MD 2l076 - Tickets available GEWA Store - No tickets sold                         after Friday, l0/3l/03. GEWA Store also has regular Medieval Tickets -$38.95 & $3l,95                         Children - Call 30l-286-8565.

Dec. 9, 2003    LANCASTER, PA - One-Day Bus Trip - Shopping/Christmas 2003 at American Music                         Theater, Show, Dinner, Back Stage Tour, Tips, Round Trip Bus Fare - $75.00 Per Person - Pls                         Call 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Dec. l3, 2003   RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR - New York City, NY - Full                         Course Dinner, R/T motor coach, tips. taxes. gratuities. - $l69 Per Person - DEPOSIT $75 due                         w/reservations - Balance Due ll/2l - (NO REFUNDS AFTER 10/24) Bus Departs Visitor                         Center at 6:30 am and returns approximately l1 pm. Tickets sold as long as seats available. Pls                         call GEWA Store 30l-286-8498.

February 2004 Thailand Trip - If interested, pls call GEWA Store - 30l-286-8565. (More details in next                         newsltr)

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: Our September lunch featured a reunion of the IUE project, crafted by Gerry Longanecker. Actually it was the second one arranged by Gerry. Last year he unexpectedly wound up in the hospital but he was here in great shape this time along with Frank Carr from Florida, Henry (who needs gyros?) Hoffman, Ken Sizemore and many other IUE stalwarts. A good time was had by all.
         In October, Viking Principal Investigator, Gilbert Levin, will talk about his life detection experiments on the Viking Mars landers and the current evidence for water on the Martian surface. New information about Mars indicates Gilbert's long time contention that he did find microbial life may well be correct. Plan to be with us October l4 for the up to date story on Mars.
         Bob Davis, a retired long time GSFC Aerospace Engineer/Manager and a tennis professional, received a U.S. Professional Tennis Association 30-year Service Award at the 76th USPTA World Conference on Tennis. The award plaque was presented at the Annual Awards Breakfast on September l9th in Hollywood, Florida.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from George Keller and Paul Karpiscak.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR AUGUST: Rose McChesney, Marge Gustafson, Agnes R. Smith. Mary and Bob Wilson, Elaine Montgomery, Frank Wrigley, Hugh O'Donnell, Bill Shields and Ewald Schmidt.. (Sorry, I misplaced the original list so trust I gave each the appreciation due/E) - But - we do want to also thank a newcomer, Darlene Ahalt.

ROAD CLEANUP: A team of volunteers cleaned up the l.9-mile stretch of Good Luck Road along GSFC's eastern boundary after our September luncheon. Participating were Elaine Bobbitt, Ron Browning, Jim Barrowman, Elaine Montgomery, Paul Rall and Bob Wigand..

A group of us who recently attended a Music City Tour in Branson, MO. wish to thank Alberta/Martha/Barney/Paul for an unforgettable five days - The tour was great, the people with us on the tour were great - & - if you have never had the opportunity to attend this affair, we highly recommend it

- Sent a note along with change of address in Fredrick, MD - "I enjoy the Goddard News - Thanks" -
PAUL KARPISCAK - from Olney, MD - "Thanks to all who make the Newsletter possible - writers, editors, producers, mail stuffers - look forward to every issue."
JOHN M. ARMIGER, JR. Along with change of address to Parkville, MD - "Pls make change so I won't miss any issues"

CAROLYN LARUE CONLEY - of Germantown, MD - rec'd note from son - LaRue passed way on July 8, 2003.
SEIDERS, ROBERT I. of Chester, MD - died in September 2003.
ROBERT C. COWAN of White Plains, MD - died September 9, 2003.
KENNETH FREDERICK JACOBS of Laurel, MD - died September 2003.
PAUL BUTLER, of St. Augustine, Florida - died September 2003.

NOTE OF INTEREST: On October 9, 2003, Al Diaz, Director of Goddard, dedicates the GEWA RecCenter to honor Bea and Barney Hoyt. It will now be known as the Bea and Barney RecCenter.

GRAA MEMBERS: Arrangements have been made to admit retirees directly through the Soil Conservation Road entrance for the October Luncheon - YOU MUST HAVE RESERVATIONS, ID AND/OR YOUR RETIREE PICTURE BADGE - Call Alberta for reservations - 30l-937-7762.