Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

October 2000                                       http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                      16th Year of Publication

Oct. l0, 2000               ll:30 AM - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - (Bert Ulrich, NASA HQ Public Affairs Office. scheduled for this date                                     has had to postpone his talk for a later date - will keep you informed) - Anyway, pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -
Oct. l8-25, 2000         Royal Canadian Autumn Cruise - Quebec City to Baltimore - Inside Cabin $l000 - Outside Cabin $ll49 Plus Port                                     Taxes/Airfare - Call 30l-937-7762 for reservations (Filling up Fast)
Oct. 28, 2000             NY City, NY - Join the GEWA Travel Club for a one-day trip - NYC map and info package will be provided to each - Spend                                    the day doing what you want to do/catch a matinee/visit a museum or art gallery/stroll thru Central Park/dine in a theme                                    restaurant/visit friends and family/shop till you drop - COST $47 EACH - Includes RT bus transportation - snacks and                                    movie on the bus - Bus leaves at 6:30 AM from Bldg 8 Parking Lot - returns approximately ll:00 PM. Tickets sold as long as                                    seats are available. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498
Nov. 4, 2000             ll:30 AM- RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Call 30l-937-7762
Nov. 30, 2000           Harrisburg, PA - Christmas Show/Shopping - One Day Bus Trip - Dinner/Admission -All for $45.00 Per Person - Call                                    30l-937-7762
Dec. l-3, 2000            Bethlehem, PA - 3 days/2 nights -Motor Coach - $365 per person, double occupancy. Lodging at the New and Historic                                    Bethlehem Hotel - Night Light Tour of the City - attend the Christkindlmarkt, holiday shopping in Reading, PA Outlets, visit                                    to Longwood Gardens - a chance to mail your holiday greetings from this beautiful city - 2 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners,                                    Transportation, Hotel, Tours - 7:00 AM Departure from Goddard and return approximately 6:00 PM l2/3/00. $l00 Deposit                                    DUE - Bal. Due NLT ll/l0. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 -
Dec. l0, 2000             NO LUNCHEON
May l3-23, 200l        CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE - Vancouver to Toronto - l0 days from $2000 -Call 301 937-7762 for Details and brochure -(Make                                    reservations asap-may people are planning on rail roading!

MAIL STUFFERS FOR SEPTEMBER: Mary & Bob Wilson, Bob Wigand, Eloise Tarter, John Steckel, Rose McChesney, Agnes R. Smith and Elaine Montgomery.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Ron Browning, Bill Kenney, Dick White, Ron Felice, John Lyons and James H. Trainor.
COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: The Annual September Crab Feast held at the GSFC RecCenter was its usual great time. Eighty-three of us dined on Barney's crab soup, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad beans, and enough steamed crabs that nobody went home hungry! Oh, yes, the beer and wine flowed freely and there was cherry cheesecake for dessert. Barney himself won the 50-50 raffle, which he richly deserves to do occasionally, since, as usual, he bought $20 worth of tickets.

Planning is proceeding for the big OAO reunion next spring. With input from some prospective attendees, we have selected next May 8, 2001 for the event. That date will allow our Florida-wintering snow bunnies time to get home for the big event. Maureen Locke is trying to round up names and addresses of people who may not be on our GRAA rolls, especially contractors, who would like to come and will be most welcome. She can be reached at 30l-249-90l7, by fax at 30l-390-457l. by email at mlocke@bellatlantic.net and by good old US mail at 54 Old Enterprise RD, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774.

GEWA ITEM: 200l Entertainment Books are available at the GEWA Store - Prices: Washington, DC/MD & Washington, DC/VA $35.00 - Baltimore, MD $25.00. Books may be used immediately.

ADOPT-A-ROAD: Come prepared for the scheduled clean-up of the portion of Good Luck Road after the regular l0/l0 Luncheon - One hour out of your busy schedule for this very important chore will be greatly appreciated -
QUOTE FROM A JOHN HOPKINS MEDICAL NEWSLETTER: "Volunteering appears to boost self-esteem and energy - especially in retirees who don't work - by providing a sense of purpose and fostering social relationships."

CHARLES B. DAVIS: Retired from Goddard l2/3l/77 - presently living in Capitol Hgts, MD - keeps busy (not working, too lazy for that) but loves animals, especially dogs - sends thanks for the GRAA Bulletin, enabling him to send notes/cards to other retirees - enjoys reading the Newsletter and news about events and other retirees.
RICHARD & JOY WHITE: Both enjoy receiving the Newsletter and appreciate all that goes into producing it and putting it into the mail. They have just completed a move from Eastern Shore (Hooper's Island) to Martinsburg, WVA to be closer to their family, shopping and medical facilities. Hopes to get his computer back on line soon and then will be able to have an E-mail address.
RON R. FELICE: Sends following note: "I have just retired from TRW. As some of you know, I moved up to Boston for TRW to set up an operations control center for Chandra. Well that is over for me now, and I'm just now trying to figure out what I'll be when I grow up. Oh well, we'll see. I do miss my career friends from NASA, and look forward to seeing them sometime at the alumni functions. Meanwhile, I'd like to keep current with everyone. My e-mail address is rfelice@banet.net." - Also sends thanks for all the good volunteer work being done for the alumni association - presently living in Waltham, Massachusetts.
JIM TRAINOR: Recently sold the Chincoteague Island home and he and Mary are now living year round in Seal Beach CA - Email jhtrainor@aol.com. Mentions that the GRAA Bulletin is read with interest - finds good use for the addresses, etc. in the directory. Still works a lot, limiting consulting to about half time - does a lot of traveling - gets to Goddard 6 or 8 times per year but has had little success lining up a schedule with a GRAA luncheon date. However, he'll keep trying.

GRAA DIRECTORY - The 2000 edition of the GRAA Directory is being prepared for distribution soon. Check the envelope you just rec'd containing this newsletter to verify that the mailing label is correct. If not, send the corrections to PO Box l63, Seabrook, MD 20703. Deadline Sept 30, 2000. Information can be e-mailed to <r2wilson@erols.com.>
or call Bob Wilson at 30l-422-8334.
GEWA CHRISTMAS CARD CATALOG - Now available at the GEWA store - if you order by l0/l3/00 and you have your name printed on the card, your return address will be printed free on the envelope. All cards are l5% off.
MAD'S FALL 2000 DINNER THEATER "SOUTH PACIFIC": Directed by Eliot Malumuth and produced by Karen Richon, opens Friday l0/20/00 and runs through Saturday ll/l8/00. Barney's great buffet and beer/wine, sodas, coffee/tea are included. A special on-site ticket sale will be held October 5, ll:00 AM - l:00 PM - GSFC Bldg 2l Cafeteria - For additional information call Catherine (30l-286-3304).
NOTE: GRAA 'S SPECIAL DINNER THEATER NIGHT FOR "SOUTH PACIFIC", THURSDAY - ll/2/00 - Barney's Buffet Dinner, MAD's Production of South Pacific, champagne, beer, wine, etc. GRAA and the Orbital Club has bought out the house, so come join your colleagues - Tickets $20 per person - Table of 8 or l0 available - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations for this date, ll/2/00, only.

83, a retired NASA scientist who in the late l950s mathematically established that Earth's spherical shape was out of round by some 45 feet, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, died of liver cancer September 8th. A Chevy Chase resident for 50 years, retired from Goddard in l995.
NANCY WILKINSON: Died August l6, 2000. Retired from Goddard in l993 where she was associated with the SMEX Project.
ROBERT G. POWLESS: Died August 31, 2000 in Manchester, Md.


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