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NOVEMBER 2005                            http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                         21st Year of Publication



November 8

Mark your calendar for the GRAA Luncheon at 11:30 a.m.  Reservations are required, so please call Alberta Moran at 301-937-7762 no later than noon on Friday, November 4.

November 10

Mark your calendar to attend GRAA’s evening at the Music and Drama (MAD) Club’s production of State Fair at the Barney and Bea Recreation Center.  Tickets are $26.50 per person.  Contact Alberta Moran at   301-937-7762 to make your reservation.

November 16

Mark your calendar for the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Party at the Barney and Bea Recreation Center starting at 5:00 p.m.  See item below for details.

December 13

There will be no GRAA Luncheon due to the many holiday-related activities throughout December. 

December 14

Holiday shopping trip and music theater event (front row seats) in Lancaster, PA, at the cost of $90.  Contact Alberta Moran at 301-937-7762 for details.

August 2006

Something to look forward to!  GRAA Travel (Alberta Moran) is planning a cruise and land tour in Alaska.  Details will be published in future issues.


COMMENTS FROM RON BROWNING, GRAA PRESIDENT:  Jerry Longanecker presented a thorough review of prostate cancer, from early detection through successful treatment, based on historical data and personal experience.  My summarization of his enlightening presentation follows.


Detection normally begins with annual digital exams and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood tests for cancer antigens.  If PSA levels exceed 4 nanograms per deciliter or test levels show an upward trend, a biopsy is needed to determine the distribution and density of cancer cells in the prostate.  Treatment for diagnosed prostate cancer can take several forms.  Removal of the prostate gland by surgery is the most common, but can have side effects such as nerve damage that can cause incontinence and impotence.  Radiation by isotope seed implantation into the prostate is another workable treatment.  Through much research, Jerry found a non-surgical and less invasive treatment based on high-energy proton radiation, which kills only the cancer cells in the gland.  To date, Jerry has been cancer-free for over eight years, where five years is considered a measure of successful treatment.  A healthy diet, regular exercise, and early detection and treatment are the best ways to prevent death by prostate cancer.  More information on proton radiation treatment can be found at www.llu.edu/proton and www.protonbob.com.


The October crab feast was a success, with lots of crabs, Barney Hoyt’s scrumptious Maryland crab soup, shrimp, salads, hamburgers, hotdogs, and fixings.  We hope to have a repeat feast next fall.


I was informed that everyone who took advantage of the trip to Branson, MO, in late September and early October had a super time.           I understand, however, that some ladies found it quite disconcerting to learn that this may be Andy Williams’ last year performing there.


COSMIC BACKGROUND EXPLORER (COBE) 16TH LAUNCH ANNIVERSARY PARTY:  The COBE team will celebrate the                 16th Anniversary of the COBE launch on the evening of Wednesday, November 16, at the Barney and Bea Recreation Center.  There will be snacks and other refreshments starting at 5:00 p.m., followed by dinner and a short program.  Tickets (probably $15 or so) and more information is available from Earnestine Smart (301-286-2199 or Earnestine.Smart-1@nasa.gov), Gail Dellagatta (301-286-8260 or Gail.E.Dellagatta@nasa.gov) and Susan Wright (301-286-8528 or Susan.S.Wright@nasa.gov).  Please act promptly to make your reservations, as this will be a popular event.     



-       Nov 15, 1972:  Scout launched Explorer 48/SAS-B, which conducted gamma ray research in the upper atmosphere/outer space.

-       Nov 20, 1975:  Delta launched Explorer 55/AE, an upper atmosphere explorer.

-       Nov 27, 1997:  H-2 (Japan) launched TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission), a joint US/Japan venture.


TIMELY LUNCHEON RESERVATIONS A MUST:  It is important to make timely reservations to attend the GRAA Luncheons for both food preparation and security purposes.  We’re doing our part by distributing the newsletter earlier than in the past.  We ask that you do your part by contacting Alberta Moran by noon on the Friday prior to the luncheon (usually the second Tuesday of each month except December).    


ENVELOPE STUFFERS FOR OCTOBER:  Jody Fillmann, Marj Gallagher, Marge Gustafson, Barbara Hamilton, Aleta Johnson,     Rose McChesney, Dave Moulton, Bob Wigand, and Frank Wrigley.


THE WHOLE TRUTH, NOTHING BUT:  Why do retirees often say they don’t miss work, but do miss the people with whom they used to work?  They’re too polite to tell the whole truth.



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bob Wigand reports that donations were received from the following retirees:  Dick Baker, Ron Browning, Bob Halli, Paul Marcotte, Charles MacKenzie, and John Thole. 


E-MAIL ADDRESS UPDATES:  Carl Bayne (carlbayne@bcctv.net);  J. Bentley Davis (jbentleydavis@cox.net); Sandra Dostal (dssdostal2@verizon.net);  Henry Hoffman (henryhoffman@earthlink.net);  Robert Martin (martinre1@msn.com);  Gilbert Ousley, Sr. (mgousley@msn.com);  Jon Stripling (jonstripling@peoplepc.com);  Chuck Trevathan (helenct@alitel.net);  Robert Wilkinson (r.wilkinson@juno.com).        



-       Emory R. Kopf, Jr., of Arnold, MD, passed away from complications due to cancer on September 23.  He started work in the Network Test Branch at Goddard in 1981 with Bendix and later transferred to civil servant status.  He was responsible for developing and conducting test plans associated with Special Projects and Missions interfaces.  After retiring in 1993, he worked at Goddard as a contract Test Engineer supporting mission teams in identifying and coordinating unique test requirements and mission interfaces at the White Sands Complex

-       Roy A. Huffman, of Laurel, MD, passed away from emphysema on October 3.  He joined Goddard in 1962 and worked primarily with the group that designed and constructed NASA’s network of satellite tracking stations.  He also worked on tectonic plate motion facilities and retired in 1988.

-       Although we have few details, we also note the passing of Viola S. Thomas of Bowie, MD, on October 10.


ROAD CLEANUP:  Bob Wigand reports that four volunteers (Elaine Bobbitt, Elaine Montgomery, Ewald Schmidt, and Bob Wigand) cleaned up portions of Good Luck and Greenbelt Roads on Saturday, September 24.


HELPING NASA VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA:  The NASA Family Assistance Fund (NFAF), which is administered by the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA), has been authorized to expend its limited resources for NASA employee disaster relief.  If you would like to make a donation directly to members of the NASA family who were victims of Hurricane Katrina, there are three ways to make it happen:  1) send a check or money order to FEEA NASA Fund, 8441 W. Bowles Avenue, Suite 200, Littleton, CO  80123-9501; 2) call 800-338-0755 (or 303-933-7580) with your credit card information and ask that your donation be made to the NFAF; or 3) visit the FEEA web site at http://www.feea.org/nasa.shtml, click on the red “Give Online” button at the top of the screen, and follow the directions.  Be sure to use the pull-down menu and select NFAF before you continue processing the donation with your credit card.


GRAA NEWSLETTER MAILINGS:  If you no longer wish to receive GRAA mailings, please forward a note to our Seabrook address or an e-mail to Dave Moulton at davidlmoulton@comcast.net.  If you have moved or want to correct the mailing address we have for you, please write to our Seabrook address or send an e-mail to Strat Laios at stratlaios@comcast.net.


If your telephone number and/or e-mail address is incorrect or not listed in the GRAA Membership Directory and you want either or both items included when the next iteration is published, please send the information via e-mail to Strat Laios at stratlaios@comcast.net or drop him a note at our Seabrook address.     



-       Bob Halli wrote, “I’m still interested in Goddard news since I retired in ’69.  I’m getting older, but am still in good health.  Keep up the good work.  I’ve included a little donation.”

-        Paul Marcotte wrote, “Keep up the good work.  I hope this [donation] helps with your expenses.”


GEWA EXCHANGE STORE:  We’ll have more information in our next issue, but it’s time to start thinking about the Children’s Holiday Party scheduled for Saturday, December 17.  In addition to the party, keep in mind the annual Toy Wrap (for which GEWA will be seeking volunteer elves) on Thursday, December 15, and the Toy Liquidation Sale on Monday, December 19.


New from Avenue Gourmet come Cote d’Or Noir de Noir chocolate bars.  What’s a Noir de Noir bar, you ask?  Well, if you like dark chocolate, really dark chocolate, this is the bar for you.  It’s actually your bars, because they come two bars to the package.  This way you can eat one bar and save the other for later, when that “chocolate urge” hits you again.  Also from Cote d’Or is another new chocolate bar called “Gianduja.”  This is also a double bar that is a true Belgian chocolate, just like their large chocolate bars.  Instead of being a dark chocolate like the Noir de Noir, this bar is a creamy Milk Chocolate.  So no matter what your taste in chocolate may be, come by the GEWA Store and you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy it.


Do you remember the round cookie with the fudge center called “Hits?”  Well, they’re back in stock.  Only this time, the cookie has shrunk.  Instead of being in a tubular package as in the past, they now come in a rectangular package.  Of course they have the same great taste as before, only now they’re nice “bite size” cookies that you can just pop in your mouth and not have to worry about dreaded crumbs.


Do you want to add a “little spice” to your sandwich at lunch?  If so, then pick up a bag or two of “Mama Zuma’s Revenge” potato chips from Route 11.  These chips are made with jalapeno and habanero peppers.  The bag even comes with a warning stating that “these chips are made with some of the hottest peppers on the planet.”  We all know that cold weather will soon be upon us, so eating a bag of these chips will be sure to have you feeling warm (perhaps even to the burning point).  They’re now available at the GEWA Store, thanks to a customer’s request.