Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

NOVEMBER                                                  http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                        18th Year of Publication

Nov. 7, 2002      GRAA & Orbital Club Evening at MAD'S Dinner Theater at RecCenter -See below
Nov. l2, 2002     GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 AM - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -
                            (See Dr. Pieper's Comments Below)
Nov. l2-24, 02    GEWA Travel to Thailand - R/T Airfare from Dulles- Transportation by coach/boat/domestic air - tickets for shows - all meals                             (B/L/D) for ll days. Cost: Single $2000 Double $l800 - $300 due now - If interested, pls call Pat - GEWA Store 30l-286-8565.
Dec. l0, 2002      LANCASTER, PA - Christmas Shopping/Christmas Show/Bus Transportation /Dinner - Historic Strasburg/Holiday Jubilee,                             American Music Theater, orchestra seats - Bus departs Visitor Center l0:00 AM - Returns Visitor Center l0:30 PM - $70 Per                             Person - Pls Call 30l-937-7762 - Limited reservations --
Dec. l4, 2002     Children's Holiday Party - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further information.
Dec. l6, 2002     Toy Liquidation Sale - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further information.
May - 2003       LONDON/PARIS/ROME - Tour includes Air Transportation/9 nights hotel/breakfast daily/3 dinners/airport escorts/hotel & train                            portage/all group transfers/guided sightseeing/entrance fees to selected sights/full time multilingual tour director - Cost:                            $2,l02.00 - $300 deposit now - final payment due February 2003 - PLS Call GEWA 30l-286-8498
GRAA TRAVEL PLANS - 2003 - Costa Rica, Iceland, Cruise to Bermuda, Australia, Branson, (depending on cost) -
                          Any interest? Pls Call 30l-937-7762 -

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: The October GRAA crab feast lunch was great in terms of the crabs, but not so great in that only about 35 people came to enjoy them and Barney's crab soup, and all the fixings. Whether it was the time of day, lunch instead of evening, or the slightly increased price because of the cost of the crabs, I don't know, but we'll hope for a better turnout next year. Among those who did show up was Gerry Longanecker, only a month late for his IUE reunion. In spite of medical problems, Gerry looked great.

Within the last several weeks, we have bid farewell to three of our number whose lengthly careers at Goddard made substantial contributions to the growth and development of the Center - Nelson Spencer, Glenn Ferris, John Quann - each was a tower of strength in his area who lead us to wonderful accomplishments and each was a friend missed by many of us.

*November 7 - Fiorello MAD Dinner Theater - The story of Fiorello LaGuardia's early career, fighting for the little guy (and gal), winning elections and hearts in his beloved city of New York. Tickets which will include dinner, champagne beer, wine, sodas, and show $2l per person. Access to Recreation Center off Good Luck Road. Reservations call Alberta 30l-937-7762 - must have names of all who are attending for Security. Tickets will not be mailed until payment is received. Checks should be made to GRAA and mailed to MAD, ll529 Montgomery Road, Beltsville, MD 20705.
Schedule: Doors open 6:00pm Light Refreshments 6:00 pm Buffet Dinner 6:30-7:30 pm Show 8:00 pm
                       There are only 8 tables for 8 available so get your reservations early

TREASURER'S REPORT; Donations were received from Bob Wright, Bill Jones, Frank McClure and Bill Witt.

ROAD PICKUP: Our quarterly clean-up of the GSFC frontage area on Good Luck Road will take place after the November meeting. VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR OCTOBER: Toni Durantine, Marty Eiband, E. Montgomery, Rose McChesney, Agnes R. Smith, Hugh O'Donnell, Ewald Schmidt, Eloise Tarter. Bob Wigand and Frank Wrigley. (NOTE to John Steckel, one of our "Stuffers", we're holding your spot in our lineup - understand you're doing so much better - we need you)


FRANK MCCLURE - Lives in Dewey Beach, DE in the summer and Vail, CO in the winter where he skis several days a week - works parttime as a "Community Guest Services" volunteers for Vail Resorts. Sends his thanks for all the people at GRAA for sending the Newsletter - enjoys reading the news about Goddard and fellow retirees. Sends his best of luck to all the retirees. Frank worked at Goddard from l962 - l997 as an engineer in satellite tracking and data acquisition.

ANNE C. DERBY; Now living in Greenback, VA - says retirement is delightful!

ROBERT & PHYLLIS WRIGHT: Sold Kansas Farm and moved to Michigan. Mentions that this is their second time to retire - getting a little too old to take care of fencing and cattle also 80 acres. So off to Michigan where their youngest daughter and family live. Hope to find a small estate or l acre lot to build a home. Sends well wishes to all those they have not seen nor spoken to for a while -

WILLIAM S. SOAR: Received note from Linda Ireland, William Soar's granddaughter - that he has moved to Vermont recently and that he greatly enjoys receiving the newsletter.


J. PERRY CHAMBERS of Locust Grove, VA died unexpectedly on 9/l4/02 while vacationing in Alaska. He retired from Goddard in l987.

JOHN QUANN a former engineering company executive who had been deputy director of the Goddard Space Flight Center from l982 to l988, died l0/l0/02 of an intracerebral hemorrhage at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Joined NASA/Goddard in l959 retiring in l988. Became Vice President of NYMA Inc., an aerospace service company in Greenbelt that provided engineering services to government agencies, including NASA. His wife, Eileen, documented his medical condition in a self-published book, "By His Side: Life and Love After Stroke".

Bldg l                                                Orders NLT ll/20 -       

                                                                               REG.                  GEWA PRICE
7 lb Honeybaked Ham (l0-l2 Servings)          $44.00                         $44.80
9 lb. Honeybaked Ham (l4-l8 Servings)         $54.00                         $5l.30
l4 lb Whole Ham (26-28 servings)                  $79.00                         $75.05
3 lb. Glazed smoked turkey breast                  $25.00                         $23.75
(8-l0 servings)
3 lb Gl'd roasted turkey br. (8-l0 servgs)        $25.00                         $23.75
ll lb. Whole smoke turkey (frozen)                  $33.00                         $3l.35
ll lb Whole roasted turkey (frozen)                 $33.00                         $3l.35
Classic combo-8 lb half ham & 3 lb
sliced L& glazed smoke turkey breast            $73.00                        $69.35


                                                                        SPECIAL ADMITTANCE
                                                                   TICKET TO G.R.A.A. LUNCH
                                                               You must be accompanied by a GRAA
                                                             member or GSFC employee with a badge.