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November 2000                             http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa           16th Year of Publication

Nov 14, 2000        ll:30 AM- RecCenter - GRAA Luncheon -Speaker: Kim W. Toufectis, an Architect/Planner -                               Facilities Mgmt Div., (See Pieper's Comments Below) Call 30l-937-7762 for Reservations
Nov. 30, 2000      Harrisburg, PA - Christmas Show/Shopping - One Day Bus Trip - Dinner/Admission -All for                              $45.00 Per Person - Call 30l-937-7762
Dec. l-3, 2000      Bethlehem, PA - 3 days/2 nights -Motor Coach - $365 per person, double occupancy. Lodging                              at the New and Historic Bethlehem Hotel - Night Light Tour of the City - attend the                              Christkindlmarkt, holiday shopping in Reading, PA Outlets, visit to Longwood Gardens - a                              chance to mail your holiday greetings from this beautiful city - 2 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners,                              Transportation, Hotel, Tours - 7:00 AM Departure from Goddard and return approximately                              6:00 PM l2/3/00 Call 30l-286-8498
Dec. l0, 2000       NO LUNCHEON
May l3-23, 200l   CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE - Vancouver to Toronto - l0 days from $2000 -Call 301                             937-7762 for Details and brochure -(Make reservations asap-many people are planning on                             railroading!)

GEWA ITEMS:   Claxton l lb. fruit cake packages (dark & light) available at the GEWA store. Also, Russell Stover & Whitman's Christmas candy in a variety of assortments - also some collector tins. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT DR. PIEPER: Some of you may be aware that the Center is in the process of developing a new Master Facilities Plan that will make substantial changes in the location of various elements within the Center, relocate Soil Conservation Road, and change the location of the outer fence. Our luncheon presentation on November l4 will bring you up to date on all the details. The speaker will be Kim W. Toufectis, an architect/planner in the facilities management division. It's an excellent presentation that I heard recently when it was made to the Goddard Alliance and I think you'll find it very interesting.
A recent letter from Bob Kraemer tells of his upcoming book that sounds like must reading for many GRAA members: "My book on planetary exploration has just been printed and should be in stores like Barnes & Noble in October. There is a lot in it about GSFC and Goddard people, like Norm Ness, Nelson Spencer, Jim Trainor, Gil Ousley, Frank McDonald, Rudy Hanel, Mario Acuna, etc. Also stories about how GSFC really designed the Pioneer l0/ll spacecraft and defined and sold the Pioneer Venus missions and yet didn't get to manage either project." The book is published by the Smithsonian Institution Press and is titled "Beyond the Moon - A Golden Age of Planetary Exploration, l97l-l978". We'll hope to get Bob for a luncheon talk to us on the writing of the book and for a book signing.
When January comes around, it will be time for another election of GRAA officers. Our rules under GEWA require us to elect new officers every two years. The system has been that the membership elects seven board members who choose the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer every two years. The system has been that the membership elects seven board members who choose the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer (required by GEWA) from their own number. So we'll ask for nominations in November through December (no meeting in December), prepare a ballot for voting in January (including by mail) and present the results in February. The present board members are Danny Dalton, Bob Morrissey, Paul Pashby. George Pieper, Bob Wilson, Wilma Chigas, Bob Wigand and Bob Owen. (yes, we know this adds up to eight but there were eight last time because there was a tie vote!)
And now some sad news, Goddard lost two of its most distinguished alumni recently in the deaths of John O'Keefe and Bob Pickard. John was a world known scientist - a true seeker of the truth, and Bob was one of Goddard's best ever project managers. Our condolences to their families. They are greatly missed.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR OCTOBER: Mary & Bob Wilson, Eloise Tarter, John Steckel, Rose McChesney, Ann & Adam Thompson, Marty Eiband and Frank Wrigley.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Dan Endress, John Adolphsen, Chuck Trevathan, Ellie Ritchie and Andrew Mazurick.

ADOPT-A-ROAD: Thanks to Bob Wigand, Dick Tagler, and Elaine Montgomery, a successful routine clean-up of portions of Good Luck Road was accomplished. However, could use a few more volunteers - see you at the next scheduled clean-up.

MAZURICK, ANDREW & MARY: Enjoys receiving the GRAA Newsletter - lives in Hudson, Florida - enjoys every bit of it - wished to pass on to "Mail Stuffer Agnes Smith" their regards.
HALLEY, JOE: Presently living in Annapolis, MD - Retired in l983 - Wishes to be kept on list to receive the Newsletter.
ADOLPHSEN, JOHN W.: Lives in Fulton, MD - sends thanks to all involved for time and efforts for the Newsletter - your e-mail has been noted.
WADDEL, DR. RAYMOND C.: Worked as a consulting physicist at Goddard from its formation until his retirement in l97l. According to his son, James, his father is now 9l - resides at the Asbury-Solomons Health Center in Solomons, MD - still active, recalls his career designing instruments for early satellite experiments and conducting tests on radiation damage to solar cells in space; previously, he was involved with the design of the first hydrogen bombs at the Naval Research Laboratory. If anyone wishes to write to him, please contact his son, James P. Waddel, 9 Mill Pond, Laurel, DE l9956 and your correspondence will be given to him.
TREVATHAN, CHARLES E.: Presently living in Columbus, NC - Enjoys the small town lifestyle - keeps busy with gardening, traveling and a fair amount of community service. As a hobby, plays duplicate bridge once or twice a week with the idea it would be both entertaining and good exercise for the mind. As of now, at least it's a lot of fun-but not so sure about the mind part! In any case, settles for the challenge and for having a good time. Sends thanks for all of the volunteer time in producing and mailing the Newsletter. Also, sends a reminder to all of their GRAA and Goddard friends that there is always an invitation for those passing through the N.C. mountains to drop by and sit a spell.

LOST: Ladies Jacket - If you attended our recent September Crab Feast, you may have by mistake picked up a jacket - check your closet for a light grey-green puffy jacket - One of our attendees is missing this item - Pls contact someone at the RecCenter or let a member of the Council know - we'll be glad to connect you with the lady who lost the jacket...

Worked in Code 500 - Died in October 2000 -
CARTER, RODERICK E.: Died in August, 2000, in Neptune, NJ - "Rod" leaves many friends who remember him as a kind and gracious person - Joined NASA in l959 when Goddard was temporarily housed at NRL, Wash. DC - and later in Naval Receiving Station while Goddard was being built in Greenbelt. He came with a group of scientists and technicians from Ft. Monmouth Laboratories, Signal Corps Army Base.
ALBIN, FRANK: Died September l3, 2000 in Parkville, MD - Retired from NASA in l987.
PICKARD, ROBERT (BOB) H.: Died in Nags Head, NC, September l8, 2000 - Retired from NASA, most notably as a Project Manager at Goddard.
LANGEL, ROBERT A. III: Died of a heart attack on February 9, 2000 - resided in Blacksburg, VA
TAYLOR, ROBERT C.: Died September 20, 2000 - Memorial Service held October l5, 2000 - St. Johns College Boat House - Retired from the Tracking & Data Office of Goddard.


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