Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

May 2001                                           http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                    17th Year of Publication


May 8, 200l         GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON ALSO OAO REUNION - ll:30 AM RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for luncheon reservations -
May l3-23, 200l   CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE - Vancouver to Toronto - l0 days from $2000 -Call 301 937-7762 for Details and brochure.
June l2, 200l        GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - ll:30 AM RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -
July l0, 200l         GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - ll:30 AM RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations --
July l4, 200l         GSFC MATERIALS BRANCH First Reunion - l2 Noon til 5 PM - RecCenter - Joann Uber, Code 54l, will accept reservations                              and  payments at $l8/person from all present and past employees of the Materials Branch and their spouses. Pls make checks                              payable to Joann Uber. The menu will include hot hors d'oeuvres and a picnic fare of burgers, dogs, salads, beans, etc., plus                              wine, beer, and soft drinks. Make reservations at an early date to ensure the event - cut off date is 6/29 - (This affair is being                              coordinated by Al Babecki) Pls call Joann 301-286-8469 for reservations.
August 10-19     SCOTLAND-Icelandic Air to Glasgow. Make a complete circle of Scotland coastline, overnight Island of Skye, much more.                                     $1,695 per person double occupancy, includes trans-Atlantic air, twin bed rooms, 7 full Scottish breakfasts, 5 three-course                              dinners, etc. $300 deposit with reservations. Call GRAA Travel for brochures 301-937-7762
August l4, 200l   NASA/GSFC SIX FLAGS DAY - ll:00 AM - 3:00 PM- Includes all you can eat picnic luncheon Pavilion E: Luncheon includes:                                 hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw, ice cream, drinks. Luncheon is between l:00 - 2:00 PM. Cost: Adult $30.95 Child $26.95.                              Persons with Season Passes may join for the luncheon picnic - Cost: Adult $ll.55 Child $7.85. Come experience the new roller                              coaster "Batwing" - Cut off date for purchasing tickets July 5. Pls call 30l-286-8498 for reservations..
Sept. 27- Oct. l    BRANSON, MO Tour - 5 days, 4 nights, $780 per person, covers travel, shows, motel, many meal.  If you are interested, call                               GRAA. travel 301-937-7762 - Only 15 reservations left
l0/28 - ll/8/0l        THAILAND - r/t Airfare from Dulles airport to Bangkok, transportation by coach/boat/domestic air tickets/ticket for all                                        shows/all meals/service of English-speaking guide/tax/gratuities. Enjoy sightseeing Grand Palace, famous temple,                              shopping (clothes/jewelry), Loykathong Festival. Price: Single $2000, Double $l800; Double w/one bed $l800. $200 Deposit due                              NOW.  Balance in six payments. Final payment due September 3, 200l. For information pls call Pat at GEWA store -                              30l-286-8565.

My goodness, what a time we had in April for the T&E reunion, the biggest crowd ever to attend a GRAA luncheon. With over l50 people, we pretty well jammed the Rec Center, but Barney and Bea, Alberta and Elaine all handled things with their usual skill and everybody had a great time. Earl Young was the mastermind behind the T&E affair and deserves great credit for making it happen. Here are his thoughts after the event: "The T&E Reunion was a great success. Over l00 T&Eers attended the April meeting. April '0l is the 40th anniversary of the move of the Test and Evaluation Division (l960-l976) from their temporary quarters in Bldg. 4, to their permanent quarters in Bldg. 7. People from across the Country came for the event. California and Florida won the long distance prizes. John New, the former Chief, and John Boeckel, the former Associate Chief were there, as well as the majority of the former Branch Heads. Al Timmins won the senior award (age 87) and Ron Barash won the junior award (age 46). We are happy to announce that most of that rowdy brunch on the hill is alive and well, and still partys like H***"

ADOPT-A-ROAD: Come prepared to help clean Good Luck Road after 5/l0 Luncheon (weather permitting) only about a mile - Still need a volunteer to head this worthwhile effort, pls call Dr. Pieper if you can give a couple of hours.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR APRIL: Bob Wigand, Richard Tagler, Rose McChesney, Mary and Bob Wilson, and Agnes R. Smith.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Jon Busse, Lil Fleenor, Ali Arman and Bob Lively.

H. P. CHU: Sends his thanks for receiving the wonderful GRAA Newsletter - Change of address in Tarpan, Fla. noted.
BOB LIVELY: of Bowie, MD - "Looking forward to the OAO Reunion on May 8th - it will be my first luncheon since retiring from Goddard in l990 and I'm excited about the opportunity to catch up with former colleagues from the project and control centers - see you in May l !

WILLIAM (BILL) F. SLAYTON: of Henderson, NC, died ll/28/00.
LESLIE L. PERRY, JR.: of Ocean City, MD, died March 20, 200l.
DAVID O. BELL: Died March 24, 200l, in Deland, Florida. Worked at NASA as a Quality Control Engineer in Space Exploration - retired in l989. According to his wife, he enjoyed receiving the monthly Newsletter and read it from cover to cover.
JAMES 'CHUCK' JACKSON: Died March l6, 200l - The son, Alan, was bringing JoAnn and Chuck home from Tulsa in his private plane, along with another pilot. This was the weekend of March 9-l0. The plane crashed on landing and was completely destroyed. JoAnn was the only one left in the plane as it rolled and skidded down the runway. Chuck, Alan and his friend were thrown clear. Chuck was the most severely hurt. Unfortunately, Chuck died as a result of his injuries.

RECENT RETIREES (as of March 25, 200l):
       NAME           ORG. CODE         RETIREMENT DATE
Dr. Jack I. Bufton           920                              3/3l/0l
Eva M. Doyle                 400.l                             4/2/0l
Robert M. Earnest         227.4                           3/30/0l
Patricia A. Greco            ll4                               4/30/0l
Daniel C. McHugh        552                              3/3l/0l
Bruce A. Scott               840                               5/3/0l
Susan C. Swafford        680                               3/3l/0l


                                                                        SPECIAL ADMITTANCE
                                                                   TICKET TO G.R.A.A. LUNCH
                                                              You must be accompanied by a GRAA
                                                             member or GSFC employee with a badge.