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May 2000                                           http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                        16th Year of Publication


May 9, 2000            ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Dr. John Wood, Goddard's Optical
                               Branch - Guest Speaker - (See Dr. Pieper's comments below) Pls make reservations by Calling Alberta                                30l-937-7762

May 17-24, 2000   Baltimore to Bermuda aboard the Crown Dynasty-Inside cabins from $1,025 and
                              outside from $1,112. Docks at the Royal Naval Dockyard for the weekend--make reservations by calling                               Alberta 30l-937-7762

June l3, 2000          ll:30 a.m. - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Need volunteer to be Guest Speaker - Pls call Alberta                               30l-937-7762 for reservations -

July 3-6, 2000       Cruise to Nowhere - SS Rembrandt out of Baltimore - 3 days/2 nights - $490 per person - (Inside) -                              $650 per person (Outside) - $l50 Deposit due by 5/l/00 - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further detail

July ll, 2000           ll:30 a.m. RecCenter - GRAND GRAA BIRTHDAY PARTY (See Comments below under reminder) -                              Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for reservations -

Aug. 7-ll,2000      Niagara Falls & Toronto - 3 days/4 nights - $495 per person - $l00 Deposit - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498                             for further details -

Aug. 8, 2000        ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Tentative Speaker, Bert Ulrich, NASA HQ Public                             Affairs Office - Plans to give an illustrated talk on Space Art and the NASA Art Program. Hopefully will be                             confirmed prior to next meeting. Call Alberta, 30l-937-7762 for reservations -

Sept 28-Oct 2, 2000 Branson, MO trip - Round Trip Airfare/4 night accommodation/6 shows/Extended Continental                             Breakfasts, etc., $725 Per Person Double--Reservations -301 937-7762-Only ten reservations still                             available.

Oct. 9-l3, 2000    Myrtle Beach, SC - 5 days/4 nights - Motor Coach - $495 per person - $l00 Deposit due Call GEWA                             30l-286-8498 for further details --

Oct. l8-25, 2000  Royal Canadian Autumn Cruise - Quebec City to Baltimore - Inside Cabin $l009 -
                            Outside Cabin $ll49 - Plus Port Taxes/Airfare - If interested call Alberta 30l-937-7762

Dec. l-3, 2000     Bethlehem, PA - Motor Coach - 3 days/2 nights - $365 Per Person - $l00 Deposit due by 5/l - Call                            GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details

Dec. 8-l0, 2000   New York City, NY - Motor Coach - 3 days/2 nights - $365 Per Person - $l00 Deposit due by 5/l - Call                            GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details --

MAIL STUFFERS FOR APRIL: John Steckel, Eloise Tarter, Roland Van Allen, Rose McChesney, Bob and Mary Wilson, Agnes Smith and Bob Wigand.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Paul Marcotte, Bernie Peavey and Bob Nuttall.

At our April lunch Charlie Boyle, a true believer in the validity of the space program if there ever was one, amused a group or about 50 with his observations of the way the program has affected the lives of all Americans. He was his usual witty self and thoroughly charmed the audience. On May 9, our guest speaker will be Dr. John Wood, an astronomer/optical engineer from Goddard's Optics Branch. As optics lead engineer on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) since June, l990, Dr. Wood led the team that determined what was wrong with the Hubble mirror and then developed and tested the corrective optics. He will tell us about the current status of Hubble and some of its exciting new results.

REMINDER: GRAA's GRAND BIRTHDAY PARTY - July ll, 2000 - Each of you should send (GRAA, P.O. Box #l63, Seabrook, MD 20703) photos of yourself during your Goddard days with a note telling the funniest thing that happened to you while working at Goddard. These responses will be read aloud at the July luncheon. Let's make this a memorable occasion.

GODDARD'S VISITOR CENTER - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! The Visitor's Center needs volunteers to assist with tours, presentations, administrative assistants and front desk aides. If you are customer service oriented and want to give back to the community, please join the Visitor Center Staff. No experience necessary. Training will be provided - however, you must be at least l8 years of age or older. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLS CALL 30l-286-703l.

GSFC'S EARTH AWARENESS 2000 COMMEMORATIVE WINE SALE: l998 Vin De Jus Glace and Award-Winning Dessert Wine, Gold Medal winner in the MD Governor's Cup Competition, produced by Elk Run Vineyards in Mt. Airy, MD. This wine normally retails for $20 but is now available on a limited basis for only $l3 during Goddard's Awareness celebration. The label shows a Landsat 7 image of Washington DC and the Chesapeake Bay along with an outline of the state, home to Goddard main campus and to Elk Run Vineyards. If interested pls call JoAnn Clark - 30l-286-7977 or Barbara Sally 30l-286-8436 -

ATTENTION: GSFC EARTH SCIENCES PMs TEAM LEADS: If you are looking for opportunities in industry or retired as a program manager and want to take a fling again at program management, or know a colleague who might be interested, call Bob O'Neil - 30l-2l0-7777.




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