Goddard Retirees And Alumni Association
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March 2004                                         http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                        20th Year of Publication


March 9, 2004       GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for Reservations.
                              Speaker: Al Diaz, Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center - Subj: "State of the Center and
                              Impact of the New Lunar Mars Program".
March 30, 2004    GEWA's l3th Spring Crafts Fair - Bldg 8 Auditorium - l0:00 am to 2:00 pm - $l5.00 Registration Fee
                             Per Space - Items must be handmade - Open to Govt. Employees/contractor employees/retirees
                             Family members & Friends - March l9 registration cutoff - check out GEWA's webpage
                             (http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov) for details/registration form or contact Tasha Davis
April l3, 2004        GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for Reservations.
May l2, 2004         GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am
June 8, 2004          GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am
July 14, 2004         GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am (Due to RecCenter's Schedule, date had to be changed.)

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, Ron Browning; Barbara Pfarr, Branch Head for Earth Science Missions, Code 593, presented an overview of the newly established Division for Mission Engineering and Systems Analysis (MESA). This new Division was created to architect, design, develop and deliver NASA's Pioneering systems through "integrated mission engineering" which includes the technical expertise of Mission Systems Engineering and Guidance, Navigation & Control. In addition they capture new business, develop mission architectures, lead systems engineering and develop and
infuse new technology into programs and projects.
Barbara also described the Systems Engineering Education Development (SEED) Program which is a vehicle where
engineers are competitively selected, rotated into assignments outside their field of expertise and mentored in leadership and technical fields for two years before graduation to new assignments. We thank Barbara for the excellent presentation.
We encourage you to attend the March 9 luncheon when Al Diaz will describe Goddard today, what their role may be
in the future on the new Lunar Mars Program and related impacts to the Hubble mission.

TREASURER's REPORT: Donations were received from Glenn Harris, Paul C. Martin, Phyllis E. Mollerick, Francis J.
Logan, Paul A. Mowatt, Jim Phenix, Thomas D. Clem, Ron Felice and Jim Heppner.

Stroup, Eugene R.
of Alexandria, VA - died February l2, 2004 - worked at Goddard from l960-l974.
Levinsohn, Maurice of Silver Spring, MD - died January l6, 2004 - worked at Goddard from l960 - l974.
Soar, Stan formerly of New Carrollton, MD died at his home in Essex Junction, VT.- November l5, 2003. Joined GSFC's Tracking & Data Systems Directorate in l959 - retired in l972 - continued as a contractor for several years. (Info rec'd
recently from his Granddaughter, Linda Ireland of Branford, CT).

MAIL STUFFERS FOR FEBRUARY: Bob Wigand, Hugh O'Donnell, Bill Shields, Marge Gustafson, Rose McChesney, Mary and Bob Wilson, George Abid, Agnes R. Smith, Ewald Schmidt, and Elaine Montgomery.

Thompson, Fern of Laurel, Md. - enjoys the Publications - even though she gets two copies - (Hopefully, one copy will be eliminated this month).
Martin, Paul G. of Myrtle Beach, SC - enjoys receiving newsletter - (new address noted).
Mollerick, Ralph W. of Silver Spring, MD - sends note "Keep up the good work. Best wishes for 2004."
Logan, F. J. "Mike" of Silver Spring, MD - sends note "Keep the news coming. I enjoy reading about GSFC and we still reside in Silver Spring.
Mowatt, Paul A. of Naples, Fl. - (Ret'd l995) - sends note "Always happy to receive the Newsletter (kudos to the volunteer workers) - GSFC is in my mind still the greatest place to work with the most wonderful technical, scientific and business/administrative personnel in the world - divides time between W.VA (golf resort) & Naples. It would be great if a GSFC alumni group (social) in SW Florida could be formed." Anyone interested??? - Sends thanks for the great work at GRAA. (Note: A copy of your note has been sent to Browning and Pieper - should create some interest).
Mann, Harley J. Of Las Vegas, NV - "Sends greetings - Happy New Year - Best Wishes to all in the coming year - heavily involved in volunteer work w/poor and homeless. He and his wife, a kindergarten science teacher, would like to get some material on the space program, the solar system, etc." (Note: Your request has been given to Goddard's Public Affairs Office
- hopefully, requested material will be sent shortly) Harley also says if you visit Las Vegas - "EMail me if you would like to
see something other than the strip or downtown - I'll show you some good places to go hiking. Okay! I'll show you the strip and downtown, too.
Phenix, James E. of Westminster, MD - Your note of congratulations was given to Ron Browning recently - Your comments that you enjoy receiving the Newsletter were appreciated.
Clem, Thomas D. (Dave) - of Henderson, NV - sends note "After l0 years of dreaming of warmer, drier weather, we have finally moved from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Henderson, Nevada. The move also makes us closer to our kids and their families. Keep up the good work with the newsletter, I enjoy reading each one." (Note: Change of address noted)

RETIREMENT PARTY: CATHERINE ('Katy') SIMKINS - Retirement Luncheon -
Thursday - March 25th Catherine is going to enjoy life in Titusville, FL &
Barney & Bea Hoyt Recreation Center would love to say "see ya later" to all.
Pls contact JoAnn Brasted - 30l-286-2053 - for reservations.

GRAA MEMBERS: Arrangements have been made to admit retirees directly through the Soil Conservation
RETIREE PICTURE BADGE. Call Alberta for reservations, 301-937 7762.