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JUNE 2004                                          http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                   20th Year of publication


Jube 8, 2004        GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - Speaker: Ted Goldsmith (Fellow Retiree) - Topic: "Theories, Discoveries & Politics of                              Biological Aging" - (a subject of broad interest since it is a condition we all have in common) - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for                              reservations --

June 13, 2004     Bus Trip, Charlestown Races and Slots 10:00am-6:30pm, $50 per person includes bus, extensive Brunch Buffet, with steamship                             round of beef, baked ham, taxes, trips, admission to race track and slots, program, club house reserved seating, refreshments on                             bus, bus driver tips, Barney's handicaps. Call 301 937-7762 for reservations. (Only a few seats left)

June l9, 2004     NASA FAMILY PICNIC - l2 noon - 4:00 pm - Barney & Bea Rec Center - Open to all Goddard retirees and members of their                            immediate family. Great games and attractions, picnic buffet (grilled chicken, burgers/hot dogs, slaw/beans/potato salad, fresh                            fruit, ice cream, beer/wine/sodas), astronaut autographs, cash door prizes, and more. Tickets on sale at the GEWA Store - call                            30l-286-8498 for prices. BUY EARLY! Prices go up $3 per ticket on June l4 - no tickets sold after June l6.

July l4, 2004     GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am (Due to RecCenter's Schedule, date had to be changed.) NASA Academy Interns will be                           attending. Reservations required 301-937-7762

July 3l, 2004     NASA GODDARD COMMUNITY DAY - l0:00 am - 6 pm - Mark your calendar - NASA Goddard is opening its gates for this                           event - This year's theme is "Explore NASA's Goddard and Beyond", providing an excellent opportunity to learn about                           Goddard's mission and vision. Come join a full day of free exciting and educational activities for all ages. Some of the events                           include interactive exhibits, special speakers and tours of Goddard's facilities. For more information, pls call Goddard's PAO                           Office 30l-286-8955.

Aug. l0, 2004   GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am Reservations required 301-937 7762

Sept. l4, 2004   CRAB FEAST LUNCHEON - (with all the trimmings) - ll:30 am to 4:30 pm - $l8 per person - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Oct. l2, 2004    GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - Echo Project Reunion - Echo II was launched 40 years ago last January. Come & see old                          friends/remember that very visible satellite - vintage video taken from the launch vehicle of the inflation will be shown. (Ron                          Muller & John Thole are honchoing this reunion.) - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Oct 2004         Long weekend to either Branson, Mo or Las Vegan, Nevada Info: 301-937-7762 April 2l, 2005 Cruise from Norfolk, VA to Eastern                         Caribbean - On Holland American - 10 days - For info: Pls Call 301-937- 7762

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S ACTING PRESIDENT, RON BROWNING: Frank Cepollina gave us a very timely and interesting three-part presentation. He covered the history of satellite servicing beginning with Solar Max repair through four Hubble servicing missions. He then defined how NASA can get back in the public eye in a positive way on Hubble by conducting a robotic full servicing mission that would not only replace batteries and gyros but add two new instruments thereby enhancing and extending scientific life. A computer simulation was shown of a Delta launched 25000 pound robotic mission and how it would rendezvous with and attach to Hubble and then use a two arm robot attached to a Space Station type Canadian arm to remove and replace systems and instruments. He concluded with a video showing recent full-scale demonstrations in Canada using a Canadian robotic arm working on a Hubble mock-up. They demonstrated that the Wide Field-3 instrument could be installed by either an operator or by hands off built-in software. A late 2007 launch readiness is envisioned.

Volunteers Needed - to assist in compiling, typing and editing the monthly GRAA newsletter, If you have a little time to spare and want to make use of your skills, please contact Ron Browning - 30l-927-l209 or email:arkabee@comcast.net.

Election of GRAA Board of Directors - The biennial board election will be held at the June luncheon. Candidates are: Dick Baker, Charles Boyle, Ron Browning, Barbara Hamilton, Strat Laios, Bob Morrissey and Bob Wigand.

From the Goddard Archives - It Happened in June
June l9, l962 & l963: TIROS V & TIROS VII, Thor-Delta launched 5th & 7th weather satellites on same day one year apart.
June 5, l969: OGO-VI, Thor-Agena launched last of Orbiting Geophysical Observatories
June 27, l982: GAS, Shuttle Columbia, first Getaway Special (GAS) experiment.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Joe Cappello, Art Anderson, Charles Davis, Warner Hord, Bob & Lucille Bourdeau, Mary Miller and Chuck Woodyard.

ROAD CLEANUP; Our quarterly cleanup of Good Luck Road along Goddard's eastern boundary will be held after the June meeting. Volunteers welcome!


CAPPELLO, JOE of Columbia, MD - in a note rec'd recently, mentions he enjoys receiving and reading the news about cherished friends and associates. What wonderful memories to recall and enjoy! Sends thanks to all - continue to let us hear from you because we continue to be reminded of you, treasure and relive the good times.

MILLER, MARY L. of Hernando, Florida - sends appreciation for the work done - is very happy in Florida - does volunteer work at a State Park and other community affairs plus a lot of tennis. Sends hello to Frank Wrigley & Bob Morrissey.

DAVIS, CHARLES B. of Capitol Heights, MD - retired in l977 after being in the Fabrication Section for l7 years - appreciates getting the bulletin & directory very much - the directory has been a very big help when sending Christmas cards.

ANDERSON, ART & MARY of Edgewater, Florida - in a note rec'd recently, wanted to let us know that even though they cannot attend the functions they still feel they belong to the Goddard Team. May be able to attend a meeting in June of July. (Art is having a knee replacement) - Hopes to see Alberta at a High School Reunion in July.

SCHULMAN, JOSEPH R. of Santa Rosa, CA. - Your comments regarding an article in the Goddard News has been turned over to Ron Browning - hopefully, an appropriate response will be sent you shortly.

SNEAD, PAUL L. of Chincoteague, VA - in a note rec'd recently, mentioned he would be having surgery the end of April and asked for our prayers. Your message as requested was forwarded to Harley Mann in Nev. who also had surgery recently. (Paul Snead retired from GSFC in Wallops Island on June 3, l993 after a very enjoyable work experience.)


PARKES, PATRICIA (PAT) of Port Republic, MD - rec'd word from her son that she died 4/l4/04 -

CONNORS, JOE & ANNA MAE - Joe died 4/l6/04 and his wife Anna Mae died 3/24/04 - they were living in Portland, ME

PALMER, JOHN C. of Pocomoke City, MD - rec'd word from his wife that he had died - no date given.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR MAY: Bob Wigand, Bill Shields, Marge Gustafson, Rose McChesney, Mary & Bob Wilson, Frank Wrigley, Robert Wilson, Elaine Montgomery and Agnes R. Smith.


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GRAA MEMBERS: Arrangements have been made to admit retirees directly through the Soil Conservation Road entrance for the luncheons. HOWEVER, YOU MUST HAVE RESERVATIONS AND AN ID OR YOUR RETIREE PICTURE BADGE. Call Alberta for reservations - 30l-937-7762.