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June 2001                                             http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                           17th Year of Publication


June12, 200l       GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - 11:30 AM -RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations
                           Speaker: Mr. Arnold Passman of Live Safe America Program - See Dr. Pieper's comments below.
July l0, 200l        GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON - 11:30 AM - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for Reservations.
July 14, 200l       GSFC MATERIALS BRANCH First Reunion - 12 noon til 5 pm - Rec Center - Joann Uber, Code541,                            will accept reservations and payments at $18/person from all present and past employees of the Materials                            Branch and their spouses. Pls make checks payable to Joann Uber. The menu will include hot hors                            d'oeuvres and a picnic fare of burgers, dogs, salads, beans, etc., plus wine, beer, and soft drinks. Make                            reservations at an early date to ensure the event - cut off date is 6/29 - (This affair is being coordinated by Al                            Babecki) Pls call Joann 301-286-8469 for reservations.
July 14, 200l       NASA/GSFC SIX FLAGS DAY - 11 am-3 pm - Includes all you can eat picnic luncheon, Pavilion E:                             Luncheon includes: hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw, ice cream, drinks. Luncheon is between                            1:00-2:00 pm. Cost: Adult $30.95 Child $26.95. Persons with Season Passes may join for the luncheon                            picnic - Cost: Adult $11.55 Child $7.85. Come experience the new roller coaster "Batwing" - Cut off date                            for purchasing tickets July 5. Pls call 301-286-8498 for reservations.
August 10-19,    SCOTLAND - Icelandic Air to Glasgow. Make a complete circle of Scotland coastline, overnight Island of               2001    Skye, much more. $1,695 per person double occupancy, includes trans-Atlantic air, twin bedrooms, 7 full                           Scottish breakfasts, 5 three-course dinners, etc. $300 deposit with reservations. Call GRAA travel                           for brochures 301-937-7762. 
Sept. 27-Oct 1,  Branson, MO Tour - 5 days, 4 nights. $780 per person covers travel, shows, motel, many meals. If you are                2001    interested call GRAA travel, 301-937-7762 - Only 15 reservations left.
Oct. 28-Nov 8,   THAILAND - r/t Airfare from Dulles airport to Bangkok, transportation by coach/boat/domestic air                2001    tickets/ticket for all shows/all meals/service of English-speaking guide/tax/gratuities. Enjoy sightseeing Grand                            Palace, famous temple, shopping (clothes/jewelry), Loykathong Festival. Price: Single $2000, Double                            $1800; Double w/one bed $1800. $200 Deposit due NOW; balance in six payments. Final                            payment due September 3, 2001. For information pls call Pat at GEWA store - 301-286-8565.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA' S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: The May GRAA meeting with the OAO reunion brought out the biggest crowd yet for such an event - 122 people. Barney and Bea and Alberta and Elaine took it all in stride with a great lunch. There were some familiar faces and some we haven't seen in quite a while, including Merle Moseson, Jack Townsend, Nancy Roman, Joe Purcell, Joe Gittleman. Maureen Locke, who did a great job organizing the reunion, acted as MC. Stories of the old days, particularly about the Australian ground station, were hilarious.

Next month, June 12th, we will have an informative, important, and useful talk about your personal safety. Arnold Passman of Live Safe America has designed a program of personal and family defense instruction that can help us avoid becoming a  target for criminals and offers practical methods of surviving a face-to-face encounter with assault if it does occur. Mr. Passman will talk about what to be careful of when you use bank machines, parking garages, elevators and stairwells, and even when you jog or take your dog for a walk, and many other instances when your personal safety may be at risk, such as from purse snatchers and car jackers. Jack Lawrence of our GRAA group has heard this talk and gives it rave notices. Be on hand to learn how to protect yourself and your home.   

MAIL STUFFERS FOR MAY: Rose McChesney, Mary & Bob Wilson, Bob Wigand, Elaine Montgomery, Roland VanAllen, Frank Wrigley,Bill Shields and Dick Tagler.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from James N. Scott, John J. Moyer, William J. Schoene, David J. Haykin, Ed Korklin, John Callan and Merle Moseson.

JAMES (JIM) TRAINOR: Moved from Chincoteague to Seal Beach, CA - a copy of the Directory has been sent - Mentions he is often in the Greenbelt area and hopes to match up with one of the luncheons one of these days.
DAVID J. HAYKIN: of Clarksville, MD. Was looking forward to attending the OAO reunion - unfortunately, the reunion conflicted with attendance at daughter's graduation from medical school. After a number of years as a college art professor, Marti switched to medicine and finished with straight A's before beginning a four-year residency at Yale! (Dave says: 'Do you think that I am proud') Mentions that his OAO days were some of the best times at Goddard and he misses the old OAO crowd. If anyone would like to contact Dave he gives his phone # - 301-854-3245.
WILLIAM J. SCHOENE: of Leesburg, Florida - sends "Thanks for all you do - newsletter and GRAA directory" - (Encloses a unique card showing Florida at night - the card is all black).
HUGH TURNBULL: of College Park, MD. - "has been enjoying retirement since 1979 and always looks forward to receiving the newsletter except the obits."
JAMES N. SCOTT: Lives in Lady Lake, FL. - "Thanks for keeping the newsletter coming and a special thanks to the 'stuffers'! Things are fine here in FL."
JOHN J. MOYER: of Silver Spring, MD. "Greatly appreciates receiving the GRAA newsletter and the Goddard News each month. Many thanks to all those who make it possible" - (also sends info re. fellow retiree, Maksim (Max) Aleksandrov of Palm Harbor, FL - see Obits)
JOHN P. CALLAN: now living in Cocoa Beach, FL. - recently sold the Cape Cod, Massachusetts house - "he and Eileen really enjoy the GRAA newsletters. (Massachusetts address deleted) - refers to the comment in the last Newsletter - "Don't just watch, do something - volunteer'. He did volunteer as tax counselor for the poor and elderly this season in Cocoa Beach. It was a valuable experience. He knows now why the elderly don't want the Gov. to mess with Social Security - that's what some people live on! We are all blessed to have Gov. pensions. John was with Goddard in the Office of Chief Counsel - 1962-1992.
MERLAND L. MOSESON: "Appreciates the Newsletter as the only link with the people and activities at GSFC - expects to be at the OAO luncheon - Sends a special thanks to the mail stuffers and hopes to see several that go back to his vintage in early Goddard history. Since he has lived on the Puget Sound since 1987 it seems to be where the action is. The 6.8 earthquake was exciting but not fun; the Naval Air Station is the base for our spy plane that the Chinese are holding. The south end of this island is just left of center about two miles outside my office window. Straight out past foul weather bluffis Admiralty Inlet where all shipping goes into Seattle.Turn right just this side of the bluff and you're in Hood Canal where our West Coast nuclear subs are based.

JOHN A. BEHUNCIK: died of cancer March 14, 2001 at his home in Bowie, MD. John worked at Goddard in Code 500 from 1959 until his retirement in 1997.
THOMAS E. CLEMENTS: of Pocomoke City, MD - died in September 2000.
MAKSIM ALEKSANDROV: of Palm Harbor, FL died of heart failure May 3, 2001. He retired in 1988 from the then Code 663, Electronic Systems Branch, where as an Electronic Technician he supported many of the projects of the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics.


                                                                 SPECIAL ADMITTANCE
                                                             TICKET TO G.R.A.A. LUNCH
                                                         You must be accompanied by a GRAA
                                                       member or GSFC employee with a badge.