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June 1998                                                                                                 15th Year of Publication

         Tuesday, June 9,1998,11:30 AM - RecCenter. Pls make reservations by calling Alberta, 301-937-6104 or leave a message at 301-937-7762. The guest speaker for this luncheon will be a well-known personality, Marty Davis, Project Manager of GOES. He is also known for his outstanding performance in the MAD production of "Fiddler on the Roof'" as "TEVYA". Marty has agreed to bring us up-to-date with his present work and reflections on earlier work on IMP among other assignments.
         Our May Luncheon was well attended with several new faces present -- John Thole, John Kiebler and Bernie Peavy. Evelyn Baumann gave a brief report on the VANGUARD I  40th Anniversary -- See Below:

            A group of Project Vanguard survivors and friends gathered at the Officers Club at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida on March 18,1998, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the launching of Vanguard I from Cape Canaveral on March 17,1958. Bob Gray, Operations Manager/Launch Director for all of the Vanguard Launches, who still lives in Cocoa Beach, planned the activity. Bob pointed out that the finless three-stage launch vehicle which lifted off on that date put a tiny scientific satellite into earth orbit which is the oldest manmade object still in orbit and is destined to retain that distinction for hundreds of years to come. He also stated that divine guidance, in the form of a Saint Christopher Medal safety-wired and taped to the guidance system helped end a problem streak 40 years ago. Vanguard I provided information that the world was not round and was the first satellite powered by solar cells. This celebration was attended by approximately 100 people who either worked on the project or were family and friends of the Vanguard Team.

            JUNE 9,1998               GRAA Monthly Luncheon Meeting - RecCenter -
                                                 11:30 AM Tuesday (Reservations -Alberta 301-937-6104)
             JUNE 12 & 13,1998    MAD Drama Show -- Use the second half of the spring show                                                   tickets, or purchase at door for $6. Bldg 8, 8:00 PM
             JULY 14,1998             GRAA Monthly Luncheon Meeting - RecCenter - 11:30 AM                                                  RecCenter
             SEPT.14,1998             ANNUAL CRAB FEAST - Evening - RecCenter (Specific details                                                  later)
             SEPT. 16-23,1998      ALASKAN CRUISE - Call Alberta 301-937-6104 for Brochure
                                                 Inside Cabins $870 plus airfare/Outside Cabins from $920                                                  airfare   Reservations should be made now!
            OCT. 8-12,1998          TRIP TO MYRTLE BEACH, NC -- All inclusive trip, i.e., Bus                                                 Fare/ Accommodations/Meals/Shows/etc. Call Alberta                                                 301-937-6104. $510 per person. Scheduled: Kenny Rogers, The                                                 Gatlin Brothers,two other variety shows, an Eco Jeep Safari, etc.                                                 Arrangements made for golfers--room for golf clubs. Only 44                                                 spaces available.

MAIL STUFFERS, FOR APRIL: Bob & Mary Wilson, Bob Wigand, Frank Wrigley, Wilma Chigas, Elaine Montgomery, Rose McChesney, Ewald Schmidt, Roland Van Allen and Milt Sing.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Art Anderson, Alex Lawrence, John Kiebler, Evelyn Baumann, John Thole and Milt Sing. The GRAA homepage can be seen on the net at http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa.

NASA ALUMNI LEAGUE MEETING: The twelfth annual meeting of the NASA Alumni League was held at NASA HQTRS on May 7th. Speakers included Dan Goldin, Joe Rothenberg, and - on videotape, John Glenn - during a full day of presentations. Of special interest was the agency's intention to expand its biological research.

ART & MARY ANDERSON -- They look forward to getting the Newsletter and the Goddard News each month - send their thanks to all who make it possible.
ALEX LAWRENCE: Class of '58 -- Enjoys receiving the Newsletter in its 15th Year.

FRANK LIBERATORE: Recd word from his son Fred, that his father, Frank Liberatore, a former Goddard Code 683 employee, passed away April 28,1998, in Delaware. For further info pls contact Fred, 43 E Mill Run, Milton, DE 19968-9309.
JOHN H. LAWRENCE, JR.: Died  Jan. 7,1998 in Guilford, MD. While Jack wasn't a Goddard employee, his company, the J. H. Lawrence Co. served Goddard for many years and was well known by many of Goddard retirees.

HOT OFF THE PRESS (E. Montgomery) Ref: Last Month's Item About Florida Trip 4/97:


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT -- Evelyn Peters, Elaine Montgomery, Laura Smith (Hancock), Thelma Sweeney, Alice Rice, Barbara Hamilton and Wilma Evans.



June 9, 1998 GRAA Luncheon

                                      You must be accompanied by a GRAA member

or GSFC Employee with a badge

                                    NOTE: 1998 Security passes are available-Call Alberta

Original works and comedy classics highlight MAD's Spring Drama Show to be held on June 12 & 13 at 8 p.m. in the Building 8 Auditorium. This 2-hour show of about a dozen one-act comedies costs only $5/person ($6 at door). Don't miss this fun opportunity to see veteran and new members of Goddard's theater group! Call Catherine Simkins (301/286-3304) to reserve your tickets today for pickup at Goddard's Main Gate on the evening of each performance! (NOTE: Special GSFC on-site ticket sales dates are May 19 and June 9 in the Building 1 Cafeteria from 11 a.m. til 1 p.m.)

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