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JULY 2000                                              http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                     16th Year of Publication

Note: Effective w/July Luncheon due to an increase in materials, Barney has to increase luncheon prices - the cost will be $l0.00 per person.


July ll, 2000 ll:30 a.m. RecCenter - GRAND GRAA BIRTHDAY PARTY (See Dr. Pieper's Comments below) Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations.

Aug 1, 2000 Lancaster, PA - Shopping, Theater, Dinner, Bus Fare - Cost $70 - 301-937 7762

Aug 7-ll,2000 Niagara Falls & Toronto - 3 days/4 nights - $495 per person - $l00 Deposit due now - Balance due 7/l0/00 - Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details -

Aug. 8, 2000 ll:30 a.m. - RecCenter - Regular GRAA Luncheon - Tentative Speaker, Bert Ulrich, NASA HQ Public Affairs Office - Plans to give an illustrated talk on Space Art and the NASA Art Program. Call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -

Oct. l8-25, 2000 - Royal Canadian Autumn Cruise - Quebec City to Baltimore - Inside Cabin $l009 - Outside Cabin $ll49 - Plus Port Taxes/Airfare - call 30l-937-7762

Nov 30, 2000 Harrisburg, PA - Christmas Show and Shopping - One day Bus trip - admission, dinner - All for $45 per person - Call 30l-937-7762 for flyer/reservations.

Dec. l-3, 2000 Bethlehem, PA - 3 days/2 nights -Motor Coach - Lodging at Bethlehem Hotel - Includes 2 breakfasts/2 dinners/tours/Reading Outlets/Koziar's Christmas Village/Longwood Gardens and more - $365 per person. $l00 Deposit due 8/7 - balance due by ll/l0. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498

Dec. l6, 2000 New York, NY - R/T bus transportation/dinner at NY City upscale restaurant/ Holiday shopping/ Sightseeing/Radio City Christmas Spectacular - leaves from Bldg 8 parking lot at 8:00 am & returns approx. ll:30 pm. $l95 per person - $75 deposit due 8/l5 balance due ll/25. Call GEWA 30l-286-8498 for further details

May l3 - 23, 200l CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE - Vancouver to Toronto - l0 days from $2000 -Call 301 937-7762 for
Details and brochure

(Reminder: if you are planning a trip to Disney World in near future, stop by the GEWA Store and pick up an enrollment form. It takes four to five weeks to receive a Club Card. A few Magic Kingdom Club Cards good until September, 2000 are still available - after they are gone, an application has to be made by mail).

MAIL STUFFERS FOR JUNE: Frank Wrigley, Mary & Bob Wilson, Ewald Schmidt, Bob Wigand, Roland Van Allen, Agnes Smith and Elaine Montgomery.

ADOPT-A-ROAD: Thanks to Roland and Anne VanAllen and Elaine Montgomery - the cleanup of GRAA's designated road was a success - about a dozen bags were collected and turned in to the County. Still need a volunteer to head this worthwhile exercise. Let the President of GRAA, Dr. Pieper know.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Ed Korklin, Paul Karpiscak, Sachio Saito, John Thole, Charles Ross, Larry Brace and Henry Doong.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER; We hope everybody is looking forward to our July lunch when we will celebrate everybody's birthday with song and story - well, at least with stories of our heydays at Goddard. A number of tales have been received and more will come out at the party. Pictures, too, of what we all looked like then are welcome.

Bobby Triana, president of the Goddard Sport Fishing Club, has invited GRAA anglers to join the Club. The pond adjacent to the BW Parkway entrance to the Center has been stocked with bass and blue gill and is available for catch-and-release fishing. Complete information is available at the Club's web site which can be reached at httpt://fishclub.gsfc.nasa.gov/, including a membership form that can be sent to Bobby. Yearly dues are $3.00 to help with future stockings of the pond to maintain a healthy fish population. The club also has some Chesapeake charters set up for 6-person chumming trips for rockfish. Remaining summer trips on July 2l and August 24 may still have some spaces available. Other charters are planned for the fall season. Check the website for details.


PAUL KARPISCAK: Still living in Olney, MD - sends thanks for the Newsletter.

ED KORKLIN: Presently living in California - sends his comments that he enjoys reading about the Goddard activities and all the happenings.

KEN BROWN: Sends information regarding a volunteer opportunity in the GLOBE program. Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (see http://www.globe.gov) is an international program sponsored by NASA, USGA, NOAA. and other government agencies to bring science and remote sensing to the hands and minds of schoolchildren. Over 65 countries and 7000 schools are now enrolled. Is presently working with a teacher in a school in Adams-Morgan and if anyone is interested, he may be contacted at his net address - kenglobe@yahoo.com.

ROBERT HARRIS: of Farnham, VA - After retiring over five years ago, is enjoying a great retirement life in the Northern Neck of VA. Enjoys receiving the monthly newsletter appraising him of news and tidbits about fellow retirees - thanks all who work very hard to keep the newsletter going out. Although misses seeing friends, admits retirement is everything it's cracked up to be and more. Together with his wife, Barney, has built a waterfront combination home and glass studio. They work together to create original designs of architectural art glass panels for churches, homes and commercial applications. They are conducting an extensive 2-day class program - have two guest rooms (Bed/Breakfast) accommodating four students - At the end of the class, each student leaves with a complete knowledge of working with stained glass, a completed framed piece and an arsenal of tools and supplies to continue on their own - only a relaxing 2-hour drive from the Washington area. If interested pls contact Bob on his e-mail address: zekiahglass@hotmail.com. (NOTE: Bob's original ltr will be available at the next GRAA luncheon for anyone who would like to review this info in more detail)

SACHIO SAITO: of Chevy Chase, MD - Appreciates receiving Newsletter - a great service - - (Your comments concerning the co-mailing of this material are greatly appreciated and will be passed on to those responsible.


PAUL SCOTT MULHOLLEN: Began his career at Langley - retired from GSFC after 25 years - died 6/8/00 in Winston Salem, NC.

MAURICE "HANDY" HANDEGARD: Died 5/ll/00 in Bethesda, MD.

CARL J. TONTY: Died 5/24/00 in Olney, MD.

CELEBRATING THE COMPTON OBSERVATORY: Goddard is hosting a symposium in tribute to the highly productive Compton Gamma Ray Observatory mission, which came to an end this June after nine years in orbit. The symposium entitled "Celebrating the Compton Observatory" will be on Wednesday, July 19, Bldg 3 Auditorium from 9:30am - 5:30pm. The dinner celebration to follow at the RecCenter is $20 (Reservations reqrd) For more information visit website at http://cossc.gsfc.nasa.gov/. Please RSVP for either the symposium or dinner by contacting Sandy Barnes 301-286-7780 sbarnes@lheapop.gsfc.nasa.gov or Cathy Dicks, 301-286-3708, Cathy@lheapop.gsfc.nasa.gov by July 12.


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