Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

JANUARY 2003                           http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                 19th Year of Publication

Jan. l4, 2003         GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations - (See Dr. Pieper's comments                               below) Nominations will be collected for the GRAA Board.
Jan. 26, 2003        SUPERBOWL PARTY - RecCenter - $40 pp - Dinner/Open Bar/4 Qtr Pools/$l Pools Available - Only l00 reservations                               available - lst come lst served - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations. Doors Open 4:00 pm - Game 6:00 pm --
Feb. ll, 2003         GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -
March ll, 2003     GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations
May - 2003          LONDON/PARIS/ROME - Tour includes Air Transportation/9 nights hotel/breakfast daily/3 dinners/airport                               escorts/hotel & train portage/all group transfers/guided sightseeing/entrance fees to selected sights/full time                               multilingual tour director - Cost: $2,l02.00 - $300 deposit now - final payment due February 2003 - PLS Call GEWA                               30l-286-8498
Oct. l2-26, 2003   Switzerland/France/Italy/Austria/Munich(Germany) $2409 pp - (includes air transportation/tour
                             director/hotels/hotel service charges/tips/baggage handling/local taxes/motor coach, etc) A $300
                             Deposit due now - No refund after l/l5/2003 - Final payment due 7/l5/03 - Call Pat GEWA Store - 30l-286-8565.
GRAA TRAVEL PLANS - 2003 - Costa Rica, Iceland, Cruise to Bermuda, Australia, Branson, (depending on cost) -
                             Any interest? Pls Call 30l-937-7762

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: Regarding the planned tribute to Barney & Bea at the l/l4/03 luncheon and because of Bea's illness, Barney has requested that we postpone our tribute to them to a later date. We will comply, of course, and continue to wish for Bea's full recovery. We'll keep you informed - (Also see Goddard Director's comments below.)
In early December, we lost a true Goddard pioneer when John Steckel succumbed to cancer. In John Boeckel's words, "John Steckel, long time mail stuffer for GRAA, died December 7. John was one of the "originals" at Goddard coming over with the Vanguard group to become Head of the original RF Branch in Whitney Matthews Division. John was always the guy you went to in what ever group he was in if you wanted to get something done. That included fixing your car in the parking lot after work."
COMMENTS FROM GODDARD'S DIRECTOR, MR. DIAZ: When your think of a favorite memory that gives Goddard character and sense of family and community, perhaps having a "Barney and Bea" event at the RecCenter may be the most frequently thought of and most cherished of memories. Barney announced recently his intention to retire, handing the baton of the RecCenter kitchen to another. He and his wife, Bea, will be sorely missed. Barney and Bea touched so many Goddard people over the generations with graciousness and warm hospitality. Barney and Bea no doubt know nearly every employee at Goddard since the early 70's. Barney came to the RecCenter from the GSFC Photo Lab in l974, and prior to that he holds the distinction of being a Navy Frogman who contributed to one of the Mercury capsule recoveries. We won't let Barney leave that easily and hope to plan an event for him after the first of the year. I hope you will be able to plan on that special occasion to recognize an icon of the Center. Barney and Bea are two of the wonderful people who have made Goddard's terrific place to work. Keep on alert for more details on dates and location to honor Barney and Bea.

                email address: Michael.L.Forman.l@gsfc.nasa.gov
                Bus. Phone: +l 30l-286-9387 Location: Bldg 23 RM W2l5 Organization: 584, Employer: NASA
                Bus. Address: NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Mailstop 584, Greenbelt, MD 2077l

TREASURER'S REPORT; Donations were received from Abe Piltch, Alan Bell, Jim Vette, John Strekel, Mary Adkins, Bob Groves, Jack Evans, Joe Cappello, Gerry Longanecker and Bill Forlifer, the latter two donations being associated with Charlie Boyle's book

ROAD PICKUP: A crew consisting of Ewald Schmidt, Frank Martin, Elaine Montgomery, Hugh O'Donnell and Bob Wigand improved the appearance of Goddard's eastern border by picking up eleven bags of trash before the holidays.

APPALACHIAN TRUCK: Frank Martin of the John Lamb Foundation collected enough gifts to fill three truckloads for the people of Appalachia. Helpers included Tom Huber, Hugh O'Donnell, Tom Butash, Don Righter and Bob Wigand.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR DECEMBER : Bob Wigand, Agnes R. Smith, Hugh O'Donnell, Bob & Mary Wilson, Elaine C. Montgomery, Marge Gustafson, Rose McChesney, and Eloise Tarter.

ALAN M. BELL: Sends new Perry Hall, MD address and asks that the monthly Newsletter be sent - with comment - "Keep up your very good work" -
JOHN STREKEL of Upper Marlboro, MD - sent note "Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year wishes to all".
BOB GROVES of Columbia, MD - appreciates receiving the newsletters and keeping up with GSFC and alumni activities - was saddened to hear of the loss of two of his ex-bosses - Glen Ferris and John Quann. Like Ed Smylie has been spending considerable time in trying to hone his golf game (currently postponed due to weather) - tries to keep in touch with some of his former Flight Dynamics colleagues through e-mail and occasional lunches.
JACK EVANS of Rock Hill, SC - in a short note he mentioned that he and his wife moved into a retirement home in May - they love it - no more big house, no more big yard to take care of and no more cooking dinner - it's great.
MARY ADKINS of Arnold, MD - appreciates receiving the Directory and the Newsletters.
JOHN LALLANDE of Dameron, MD - In a note he says that it is a pleasure to receive the GRAA Newsletter each month - enjoying retirement and hopes to make an occasional luncheon when things settle down from the move to his new home on the Chesapeake Bay - and to keep up the great work.
JOSEPH CAPPELLO of Columbia, MD - In a short note - "Thanks for the memories"
JAMES I. VETTE of Lancaster, VA - "Enjoys reading the Newsletter and the Goddard News. Thanks very much to all of you that have made this possible to us wandering souls who spent many years at GSFC. Although lives close has only managed to make one GRAA luncheon. Major hobby is vegetable gardening. Jim and Zoe have 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters - expecting another in January. Leaving shortly on a drive to North Carolina and spend a week with his brother and have his annual feeble attempt at the game of golf. Jim sends a Well Merry Christmas to all and to carry on the work - with sincere thanks." (Address and phone number noted)
CHARLES AND SUE WHITE Enjoys receiving the publication monthly and being brought up to date on the various subjects covered - sent thanks to everyone involved who takes the time to make this publication possible. Keep up the good work!

of Annapolis, MD - died October l8, 2002.
JOHN K. STECKEL of Silver Spring, MD - died December 7, 2002 (John was one of our loyal "Stuffers" - we will miss him)

"LATE NEWS - We have just been made aware that NASA HQ will be issuing new security regulations in the near future resulting in new retiree badges. As soon as confirmed, will keep all advised."

                                                                    SPECIAL ADMITTANCE
                                                                TICKET TO G.R.A.A. LUNCH
                                                          You must be accompanied by a GRAA
                                                        member or GSFC employee with a badge.