Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

February 2003                                http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                    19th Year of Publication

                NOTE: NEW BADGE/CARD POLICY FOR GRAA MEMBERS - (Details on Last Page)


Feb. ll, 2003        GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations -
                             SPECIAL LUNCHEON PRESENTATION: Bob Phillips, retired GSFC Employee, Code 240, will tell us all about his                              experience while hiking the 2,l68 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Through l4 states - taking six months - (Also, see Dr.                              Pieper's Comments Below)

Feb. l4 - Mar 1   MAD'S WINTER SHOW - "The Curious Savage" (Director Ted Ying & Producer Kim Weaver). This delightful, quirky                             comedy opens on Valentine's Day. The evening includes a pre-show cabaret, (Director Ron Wilder), hot & cold hors                             d'oeuvres, beer/wine/sodas/coffee/tea. Check out MAD's website for seating/other                             info. http://nonesuch.gsfc.nasa.gov/mad  Tickets are only $l4 (Fridays & Sundays) and $l7(Saturday) To order, call                             240-475-8800.

March ll, 2003    GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations

April 8, 2003       GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations

April l6-l8,2003   THAILAND - $2000 Sgl $l800 Dbl - $300 Deposit now - Balance due by 3/3/2003 - For more info call GEWA Store                              30l-286-8565. Enjoy sightseeing at the grand palace, famous temple and golden triangle, shopping, see the Phuket                              Fantasea & Thai New Year Festival.

May l3, 2003      GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762 for reservations

July 9 - 2l, 2003  THAILAND - Same as April Trip above with Candles Parade Festival replacing the Thai New Year Festival - $300 Deposit                             due now - Balance by May, 2003 - Call 30l-937-7762

Oct. 26 - Nov. 9  Switzerland/France/Italy/Austria/Munich (Germany) - $2409 pp (Includes air transportation/tour director/hotels/hotel                              service charges/tips/baggage handling/local taxes/motor coach, etc.) A $300 deposit due now - No refund after 2/l5/2003                              - Final payment due 7/l5/03 - Call Pat GEWA store - 30l-286-8565.

GRAA TRAVEL PLANS - 2003 - Costa Rica, Iceland, Cruise to Bermuda, Australia, Branson, (depending on cost) -
Any interest? Pls Call 30l-937-7762

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S PRESIDENT, DR. PIEPER: At the February Luncheon we will have our biannual election of members of the GRAA Board. Please choose seven from the volunteers listed below:
                Dick Baker                                                       Henry Hoffman                                                 Bob Morrissey
                Charlie Boyle                                                   Bob Hutchison                                                 George Pieper
                Ron Browning                                                 Maureen Locke                                                 Bob Wigand
                Barbara Hamilton

Ballots will be collected at the February llth Luncheon - however, polls will be held open until February 2l for anyone who wishes to vote by mail by sending this ballot to P.O.Box l63, Seabrook, MD 20703. Results of the election will be announced at the March ll regular luncheon or in the next Newsletter if done in time.

ALSO, as a symbol of our respect and affection for Barney, the GRAA donated $l000 to the Michael Hoyt Memorial Fund, This fund was set up for Michael's children after his death. Michael is the grandson of Barney and Bea. Michael died suddenly of a heart attack at age 3l and left a wife and two small children. If anyone would like to contribute to this fund, make check payable to Michael Hoyt Memorial Fund and send to Alberta, 11529 Montgomery Road, Beltsville, MD 20705-she will forward to the bank.

THE MARCH llth LUNCHEON will be a Grand Farewell to LES MEREDITH - so be sure to save the date and plan to attend his Luncheon. More details later.

TREASURER'S REPORT; Donations were received from Ray Hartenstein, Don Tinari, John Quill, Bill Keathley, Bill McGunigal and Jim Burton. GRAA's account balance as of December 3l, 2002 totaled $l5,255.47. A 2002 financial report was printed out using Quicken and submitted to the Board of Directors.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR JANUARY: Hugh O'Donnell, Roland & Anne VanAllen, Agnes R. Smith, Jennie Wiseman, Mary & Bob Wilson, Rose McChesney, Elaine C. Montgomery and Bob Wigand.

of Silver Spring, MD sends note that he enjoys reading the GRAA Newsletter & thanks to all.
MCGUNIGAL, BILL of Temple Hills, MD - "Many thanks for all that you do to keep the retirees up to date"
KEATHLEY, WM. C. of  Ocala, FL - "Really enjoys your GRAA report" also a P.S. "Tell George Pieper 'hello'."
HARTENSTEIN, RAY, of JUDRAY RANCH, CUSHING, TX - "Can't thank your group enough for keeping the Goddard 'spirit alive' "- hopes to see us in the spring - when the snow melts.
TINARI, DON & ETHEL of Dover, Del. - "Really enjoy the Newsletter - we have moved to Delaware and are slowly getting settled. Keep up the good work."
BURTON, JIM of Fredricksburg, VA - sends note "I am distressed that Barney is leaving & dear Bea is ailing. I was lucky to hire him in the 60s for the Photo Branch when he retired from the Navy as a retired SEAL. He and Andy McGallis were outstanding. From l960 to '67 everything was just great - long hours - but exciting. Finally in l970 Goddard had a big RIF and I retired. I guess Barney and Alberta are the only ones left who remember me. I keep busy and healthy at 86 - drive my sports cars, volunteer at the hospital weekly, and squire several ladies about."
MANN, HARLEY J. of Las Vegas, NV - "Thank you so very much for the wonderful material on the Sun. The kindergarten teachers at Variety Day Home will be using the material in the early spring. I will be framing some of the pictures for the hallway and classrooms after they are used in the classrooms. In addition, pictures of the launch vehicles, planets and our stars are greatly appreciated. They love everything associated with NASA/GSFC," also sends an offer to all for a personal tour of our facility when they are in Vegas "visiting" their money they have lost on previous trips. (Dave Ulmer a non-GRAA sent some of the material) - Your recall of a large fold out of the Shuttle has been noted and if anyone reading this has this item, please let us know.

of Parkesley, VA - rec'd a note from his wife, Elizabeth that he passed away May l8, 2002.
SEMINARI, DOMINIC of Daytona Beach, Fl - according to a note received from his son, Tony - his father passed away recently - no specific date given.
YONTZ, HILDA O. of Greenbelt, MD - died January 9th

RECENT RETIREES:            Code                                                                    Code                                                                             Code
Dr. Sushil Chandra                916                         Dr. James A. Gatlin              532                            Michael J. Ladomirak               200
Dr. Steven C. Cohen             921                         Barbara J. Hamilton              113                           William E. Oliver                        220
James R. Dafnis                     303                         Dr. Robert A. Hoffman         696                           Dr. Roamer E. Predmore           541
Dr. John J. Degnan, III         920                         William H. Jones                   554                            James A. Pritchard                   586
Dr. Upendra D. Desai           682                         Ronald W. Kaese                  504                            Dr. Donald V. Reames             661
Stephen K. Dolan                 428                         Dr. Joseph H. King                633                           Michael F. Roberts                   227
Eugene H. Smith                   227                         Michael Barthelmy                541                           William Tumulty, Jr.                  101
Lester H. Wentz                   584                          John Mooring                        547                           Theresa A. Wirth                      293

NEW BADGE/CARD POLICY FOR ALL GRAA MEMBERS; - A new policy issued by NASA HQ, effective at Goddard on February 3, 2003, calls for the replacement of the current "NASA Retiree Badge" with a wallet-sized identification card. While the new cards will not afford retirees automatic access to the Center and will no longer be accepted at the Center's gates, they will facilitate the issuance of visitor badges for the new card when next visiting the Center, simply stop at Bldg 9 at the Main Gate and the receptionist will direct you to the ID section located in the basement (then new cards will be prepared in Bldg N0127 at Wallops). You may exchange your badge for the new card on weekdays between 7:30AM and 4:00PM). Additional Guidance on proper use of the card will be provided at the time it is issued. Once you have the new card, simply present it to the receptionist and you will be processed for a visitor badge. If you are living near another NASA Center and need a new card, you may obtain one from that Center's Security Office. If you have questions about this policy change, please contact Dave Moulton, GSFC Security Director, at 301 286-7233.

                                                                                 FLASH  !!!
After this newsletter went to press, the following information became available:
         (1) The material for the new retiree ID cards had not been received by the GSFC Security ID Office as of Jan. 31st.
         (2) The new procedures will be phased in over a periods of a few weeks. February mail stuffers and February luncheon attendees will be able to use their current ID badges.