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DECEMBER 2006                                   http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                        22nd Year of Publication



December 12

There will be no GRAA Luncheon due to the many holiday-related activities throughout December.

December 16

Children’s Holiday Party from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Building 8 Auditorium.  Registration forms are available at the GEWA Exchange Store or online at http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/SpecEvents.  Tickets must be purchased by December 13th.  Contact Keith Corsi (301-286-4035) or Susan Rambo (301-286-8776) for additional information. 

December 18

Toy Liquidation Sale of items remaining from the Children’s Holiday Party.  Contact Keith Corsi or              Susan Rambo for additional information.

January 9, 2007

Mark your calendar for the GRAA Luncheon at 11:30 a.m.  Dr. Paul Newman will be speaking about the latest findings related to the changing size of the hole in the ozone layer.  A gifted and popular speaker, he is assigned to the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch of the Laboratory for Atmospheres (Code 613).

February 4, 2007

Barney Hoyt is again hosting his “annual” Super Bowl Party at the Barney and Bea Recreation Center.  With the doors opening at 4:30 p.m., this event will include an open bar, chips and pretzels, a delicious steak dinner, wide-screen and smaller TV’s, and an opportunity to win some great door prizes and games of chance.  You will definitely have all the food and entertainment you can handle on Super Bowl Sunday for only $50.00.  Call Alberta Moran at 301-937-6672 for a reservation, but keep in mind that only 100 tickets will be sold and receipt of a check for your reservation is required.

June 24, 2007

GRAA Travel has a trip planned from Baltimore to Bermuda from June 24th (Sunday) through June 29th (Friday) next summer.  Cabin prices are $970 (inside); $1290 (outside ocean view staterooms); and $1,600 for veranda suites).  All quoted rates are per person, double-occupancy, and include port taxes of $145 and regular taxes of $52.08).  There are still a couple of berths available; however, if interested, Ye Ed recommends you contact Alberta Moran (301-937-7762) as soon as possible for a reservation.


COMMENTS FROM RON BROWNING, GRAA PRESIDENT:  Discussions at our November luncheon, our last meeting of 2006, focused on two subjects.  First and foremost was the loss of financial support from Goddard for mailing our monthly newsletter along with copies of Goddard View.  At this time, we have not yet been able to find a long-term solution to the budget crunch.  Dialogue is ongoing with Goddard management representatives to determine if the loss of financial support can possibly be reversed or to what level of assistance the Center might be amenable to provide.  In the meantime, we are looking seriously at expanding the use of e-mail and/or our web site to distribute our newsletter to a large portion of the membership.  If your e-mail address is not included in the April 2006 Membership Directory, we ask that you furnish it to stratlaios@comcast.net as soon as possible.  The use of e-mail will dramatically reduce the cost of postage, but understand that we are hopeful that we will be able to continue mailing the newsletter to members without access to e-mail or the Internet.  I want to thank all members who have encouraged us to continue publishing the newsletter, noted how much they have enjoyed the newsletter, sent in donations, and offered good suggestions in response to this issue.  Although changes are obviously in the offing, we currently expect that the January newsletter will be distributed to all members.       


The second subject discussed at the luncheon addressed using on-demand printing for self-publishing and marketing your books.  Two of our members, both published authors, described the joys and perils of self-publishing.  Charlie Boyle provided us with an understanding of how the process works from manuscript submittal to having the finished product ready for sale.  He described his visits to digital printing firms in the United Kingdom and Tennessee during the manufacture of his latest novel, Shuttle Rising: A Rendezvous with a Rumor.       Bill Davenport writes mystery novels based on his experiences while growing up in tobacco farming country in North Carolina.  He described his experiences in publishing and how he markets his books by giving talks at civic clubs.  The talks by Charlie and Bill were interesting and complementary.  Both authors made donations to GRAA for books sold at the luncheon.        


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bob Wigand reports that donations were received from the following members:  Earl Angulo, Jim Costrell, Bob Cummings, Patricia Flatley, Reginald Ford, Alton Jones, John Lyons, Charlie Marcus, Ivan Mason, Andy Mazurick, Ralph Mollerick, Carmie Peavler, Lib Rogers, Tom Ryan, and Margie Townsend.          


ENVELOPE STUFFERS FOR OCTOBER:  Envelope stuffers for the November issue were Sandy Buffalano, Marj Gallagher,       Jackie Gasch, Marge Gustafson, Barbara Hamilton, Aleta Johnson, Rose McChesney, Elaine Montgomery, Dave Moulton, Bill Shields, Eloise Tarter, Bob Wigand, and Frank Wrigley.


E-MAIL ADDRESS UPDATES:  John F. Cook (Jnjcook@verizon.net); Saj Durrani (sajdurrani@aol.com); Peter O’Neill (pc20706@comcast.net); and Robert Warren (bpwarren@hughes.net).


GRAA NEWSLETTER MAILINGS:  Given our current financial situation, if you no longer wish to receive GRAA mailings, please forward a note to our Seabrook address or an e-mail to Dave Moulton at davidlmoulton@comcast.net.  If you have moved or want to correct the address on your mailing label, write to our Seabrook address or send an e-mail to Strat Laios at stratlaios@comcast.net.  


§    December 15, 1964:  Scout launched San Marco I (also known as San Marco-A) from Wallops Island by Italian researchers to study the air and electron density in the upper atmosphere.


§    December 11, 1972:  Delta launched NIMBUS V, a weather satellite designed to continue research, development and testing of new meteorological sensors, systems and systems configurations to measure atmospheric temperature, water vapor and ozone.  The sensors, which could be used in operational weather analysis and prediction, were to be added to the NOAA operational weather satellite program.


§    December 2, 1990:  The Shuttle Columbia flew the Broad Band X-ray Telescope (BBXRT) designed by Goddard’s Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics.  It was the first focusing X-ray telescope operating over a broad energy range with moderate energy resolution.



§          Burton N. Kelbaugh, of Crownsville, MD, passed away from heart failure on November 18th.  A veteran of World II, he retired from Goddard as manager of the Experimental Fabrication and Engineering Division.

§          Malcolm J. “Sam” Tarlton, of Selbyville, DE, passed away on November 1st.  He was a founding member of the Chillum-Adelphi Fire Department and was instrumental in the formation of the NASA Federal Credit Union.  Prior to retiring, Sam was supervisor of the Power Plant in the Plant Operations and Maintenance Division.


YET ANOTHER GSFC RETIREE MEDALS IN THE MARYLAND SENIOR OLYMPICS:  Our November issue highlighted medals captured by GRAA members Charlie Boyle and Peter Hui in the Maryland Senior Olympics (MSO) held at Towson University on September 21st and 22nd.  Unfortunately, another member’s achievements went unreported, but Ye Ed wants to set the record straight.  Member Tom Page won an age-group gold award in the one-mile precision walk; silver medals in softball, football, and the javelin throw; and a bronze medal in the one-mile recreation walk.  Tom, currently in age group 75-80, has participated in the MSO for 22 years and has received numerous medals in many track and field events.  In addition, he has participated and won medals in the National Senior Olympics and World Games.  As an MSO Commissioner, he has also received numerous awards.  Tom is also the Olympic torch bearer for the “Opening and Closing” ceremonies for the “Parade of the Athletes.”  Congratulations, Tom, and best of luck in the 2007 competition.                  



§          Earl Angulo wrote, “I greatly enjoy the GRAA Newsletter.  I especially enjoy the archives, since I go way back to 1959.  A small donation is enclosed.  I am sorry to let you all know that in October I lost my wife, Jan, of 53 years.  We had so many fond memories of GSFC and saw many launches together back in the good old days.”

§          Jim Costrell wrote, “Hope the enclosed check helps a little with the budget crunch.”

§          Bob Cummings wrote, “Thanks for the great newsletter!  Life here on the Delmarva coast is great.  Enclosed is a small contribution to help cover some of the costs.  Perhaps a small freewill donation from each recipient would help.”

§          Pat Flatley wrote, “ Thank you for the continued mailings of the newsletter.”

§          Reginald Ford (husband of late member Elsie Ford) wrote, “I have been receiving the monthly newsletter since my wife passed away in 2002.  Enclosed is a check to help keep your service going.”

§          Alton Jones wrote, “This [enclosed check] should help with the mailing fees.”

§          Ivan Mason wrote, “I enjoy the GRAA Newsletter and Goddard View very much and would be very disappointed if we could no longer receive them.  Enclosed is a donation to GRAA in appreciation to all the dedicated people who have been and continue to be involved in preparing the mailings.  Even though I retired in 1989, I am very interested in events at Goddard and NASA.  I hope the GRAA can continue with the mailings.”

§          Ralph Mollerick wrote, “I have admired all the volunteering work that is reported in the GRAA Newsletter.  News of the newsletter being in difficult budgetary times is disturbing to me.  I do hope that it is solvable and that this informative publication to retirees will continue.  My wife and I are enjoying sunny Florida and a new lifestyle in community living.  I have enclosed a donation as a way of saying thank you for all the work of those who give their time for our benefit, and to help with easing the newsletter budget and hoping others may want to consider helping overcome the mandated budgetary constraints.”

§          Carmie Peavler (wife of late member Bob Peavler) wrote, “I just received your retiree newsletter and wanted to let you know I enjoy getting it and am making a donation to cover postage.”

§          Tom Ryan wrote, “Enclosed is a check that may help with the budget crunch.  I really enjoy the monthly newsletter and hope you can keep those ‘cards and letters’ coming.”

§          Margie Townsend wrote, “I would really hate to see the GRAA Newsletter disappear and am enclosing a check to help avoid such a calamity.  Good luck with your endeavors to keep this communication alive and well.”


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