Goddard Retirees and Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163, Seabrook, Maryland 20703

December 1996
(13th Year of Publication)


There is no luncheon scheduled for December. This has been our custom for many years, since there are many activities and events used by GSFC personnel at the Rec Center during this month.

The first luncheon in 1997 is scheduled for January 14 at 11:30 a.m., the Rec Center.


On October 23, I attended a meeting of the heads of all GEWA supported/ related clubs with the members of the GEWA Council, representing GRAA. Three results were of significance to us in GRAA. First, present plans for renovating the Building 21 Cafeteria next spring will not involve any use of the Rec Center as a substitute cafeteria, so Bea and Barney and our monthly lunch meetings will not be affected. Second, I requested that we be given a permanent reservation for the second Tuesday of every month (except December) for our lunch meetings at the Rec Center. The GEWA Council will act on this request. Third, and most important, effective January 1997, we will have available GRAA membership cards for Goddard alumni/ae, spouses, and any other regular guests who do not have Goddard retiree badges. These cards will serve as substitute badges to allow holders to pass the security guard en route to the Rec Center. They will first be available at our next luncheon in January, and at luncheons thereafter. However, until the above procedure can be implemented, the Special Admittance Ticket below will be needed for admittance to the January 1997 luncheon by all guests who do not have a badge for entrance to the Rec Center.

January 14, 1997
You must be accompanied by a GSFC
employee or GRAA member with a badge


January 14 Luncheon Rec Center
February 11 Luncheon Rec Center
April 24-28 Branson Trip $675
May 18 Six Day Bermuda Cruise
September 3-10 Alaska
Call Alberta for information and reservations,


Donations have been received from the following: John Sos, Minda (White) Oliver, Barbara Walton, John Strekel, Norman Ness, J. Warren Keller, Jimmie Elswick, Harry Goett, Nancy Roman, Margaret WElls, Wayne Taylor, Ronald Felice, Earl Angulo, Joan (Bill) Jennings, Jean Arena, Anthony Durham, and Roger Ratliff.


HARRY GOETT--"Thanks for the directory and thanks, particularly, to all the mail stuffers; check enclosed."

NANCY ROMAN--"Thanks for the mailing. I enjoy the Newsletter even though I can't get to the luncheons."

JIMMIE ELSWICK--"Thanks for the GRAA N/L and GODDARD NEWS. I retired from GSFC in 1990, and retired as a MSFC contractor at GSFC in 1995. Recently moved from Carroll County, MD to Inwood, WVA."

"MARTY" HARRIS (by telephone)--"Still hanging in there despite a 6-way bypass and a second stroke. Can't write much but can be reached on my 'cellular' 410-279-4986, evenings, if possible."

ROBERT APPLER (by phone and mail)---"I would like to include my telephone number in future directories 540-297-2862. I was introduced to GSFC by Roland Chase and first worked with Henry Plotkin, and later with the Optics Branch under John Mangus. I worked on the first Hubble Repair Mission as a member of the 'Independent Verification Team' with experience gained before launch of Hubble as a member of the original 'Verification and Acceptance Program'. This entailed preparation of alignment procedures for the axial instruments and to oversee measurements made during tests.

Am enjoying 'Smith Mountain Lake' through the window of my house, as I recover from a stroke, and try to remain in touch with former colleagues."

JOAN JENNINGS---"A small donation and thanks for the new Directory. I appreciate you keeping me on your mailing list since Bill's death--I enjoy the news!"

EARL ANGULO---"I can't believe its been 21/2 years since the first big 'buy-out, came through, and I ended up in sunny Florida. Jan and I still enjoy our new home in Tampa very much. I really don't miss shoveling snow and raking leaves at all. Although I subscribe to several publications, the most inter- esting news comes from your monthly mailings. Sure appreciate them. Enclosed is a small check to help cover the mailing cost. Good luck to all of you!"

RON FELICE---,MY new address is 117 Bishops Forest Drive, Waltham, MA 02154. I am enclosing a donation in appreciation of how much I enjoy keeping in touch with a very precious part of my history and related associates. Unfortunately, I have flunked out of retirement, as I am repeating my senior year of my career in setting up an Operations Control Center for the AXAF mission in Cambridge, MA. So much for retirement this time, I am really planning on getting it right next time and returning to Maryland to be part time grandfather, other part, golfer. Meanwhile, I'll be happy to hear from anybody passing through the New England area."

WAYNE TRAYLOR--"Thanks for the Newsletter and Directory; enjoy it very much. Please accept my donation."

WARREN KELLER--"IN April of this year, Carolyn and I moved from Salisbury, MD to Southern Pines, NC. (Yes, we love it here and the golf is great!!) My new address is: 283 Knoll Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387. I am enclosing a small donation to help with the costs of publication and mailing. Good luck and keep up the good work."

TONY DURHAM-- "Procrastination always was my most developed skill and now that we are retired it has matured to a fine art. Even so, I felt obligated to write briefly to thank you for the new Directory and for the newsletter which I get regularly and enjoy. Many of the names you mention in the newsletter are old friends and contemporaries who are all getting to that retirement age so it stirs the nostalgia a bit. My best regards to all, but particularly Bob Wilson, Mike Logan, John Steckel, Dick Hockensmith whose names I see associated with getting-the newsletter out, and any of the old Antenna Systems Branch (Code 525/811) and Code 700/800 people whose names I have seen in earlier editions. Maybe it's incipient Alzheimers--or my memory is now highly selective, but I remember only a lot of good times with a lot of exceptional people.

I left Goddard in 1980 for Hdqrs. , spent nearly 2 years there, and then moved over to NOAA to run a NOAA/USAF/FAA Doppler weather radar program called NEXRAD. Shortly after that got into production in 1988-9, I shifted to manage the NOAA end of the Polar Satellite program (POES), which kind of closed the loop by bringing me back to Goddard. I retired at the beginning of 1994, and Cynthia and I moved out here to Olympic peninsula in the summer of 1994. (I tell. people it's as far away from DC as I can get without renouncing my citizenship.) It's also great sailing and golfing country and one of the few places I can enjoy the ocean and the mountains at the same time. We would be delighted to see old friends who might get out this way for a visit. Phone is (360)437-0591. Keep up the good work with the newsletter. I am enclosing a small contribution which I hope will help."


GRAA has been informed of the death of EARL MORTON, December 1994.

Ruby (Taylor) Wily wife of RALPH TAYLOR reminds us of his death December 31, 1985, and requests removal from our mailing list.


Mary Hammersley (due to health reasons) is unable to continue to edit and type the Newsletter. We wish to thank her for her many, many years of service to GRAA and wish her well in the future.

We are soliciting for a volunteer/s to replace Mary. The work is not difficult and will only take a few hours a month. You may even find it to be fun, and you will get the scoop on GRAA news. Please call Roland VanAllen at 301-577-2119.


FRANK MARTIN'S APPALACHIAN TRUCK Despite much hard luck Frank Martin will attempt a two day pick-up for the mountain people, Dec. 5 & 17. Over 24 years Frank has been collecting and distributing his wares. But, this year he is bending under adversity. His home is now uninhabitable after a kitchen fire which caused much damage and also injured his ailing wife. More recently his mother, in Chicago, was hospitalized with a broken hip and Frank is trying to relocate her. These problems plus diminished vitality and stamina are depressing him. Frank certainly deserves an accolade from those of us who know and remember his dedication helping the impoverished mountain folks in Va. WVa. & Ky. Anyone who would like to help load the truck Dec. 5 or 17 please call Van Allen 301-577 2119.