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April 2004                                                   http://graa.gsfc.nasa.gov                   20th Year of Publication


April l3, 2004          GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am - RecCenter - Pls call Alberta 30l-937-7762 for Reservations
                               (Pls see Comments Below from Acting President, Ron Browning)
May ll, 2004           GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am
June 8, 2004           GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am
July l4, 2004           GRAA Regular Luncheon - ll:30 am (Due to RecCenter's Schedule, date had to be changed.)
                              NASA Academy Interns will be attending.

COMMENTS FROM GRAA'S ACTING PRESIDENT, RON BROWNING: Goddard's Center Director, Al Diaz, gave us an informative review of NASA and Goddard's future in light of the Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation Board report and the recent White House announcement of the new Lunar/Mars exploration initiative. The report from the Columbia failure board noted NASA culture/people were as much the cause as the hardware problem - insulation hitting and breaking the wing. As a result, significant changes are planned.
        Shuttle will return to flight but only to finish building and to service the International Space Station (ISS) until about 20l0. Research at the ISS will be focused on human endurance in space. A new vehicle will be built to service ISS after Shuttle. The new long term vision for Lunar/Mars is to return to the moon for research and to conduct human exploration on Mars. He sees Goddard having roles in both the Lunar and Mars programs.
        Impact to Goddard is both positive and negative. There will be no more servicing missions to the Hubble Space telescope. Approaches are being studied to attach a robotic vehicle to either boost it to a higher orbit or to control re-entry. Goddard will have the lead on a robotic lunar orbiter mission, planned for 2008 launch. It will be an in-house program. Goddard also expects to build instruments based on technology from earth sciences programs for Mars exploration. James Webb Space Telescope is the current large Goddard program, 6.5m deployed IR telescope to be launched in 20ll.
        GRAA will elect members for the Board of Directors at the May ll luncheon meeting. Anyone interested in becoming a board member, please send your name by April 23, 2004. We will list all incumbents and new nominees in the May Newsletter.

TREASURER's REPORT: Donations were received from Anthony F. Grandi, Dick Baker, Otto Thiele, John Quill, John Thole, Charles White, John Adolphsen and Ernest Busboso.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR MARCH: Bob Wigand, Bill Shields, Marge Gustafson, Rose McChesney, Mary and Bob Wilson, Ewald Schmidt, Frank Wrigley and Eloise Tarter.

Anthony F. of Lutherville, MD - "Really enjoys reading the Newsletter and hearing about many of my old friends. Keep up the great work Bob, Elaine and all."
ADOLPHSEN, JOHN W. of Fulton, MD - sends "appreciation for keeping us alums aware of GSFC news" (NOTE: As requested - Pyle added to Directory and new address for Anstead noted)
FUCHS, Art of Rockville, MD - sends "Thanks for continuing to send the GRAA Newsletter and the Goddard news. It's great to keep track of old colleagues & friends and the current activities at Goddard." (New address noted)
BUSBOSO, Ernest B. of Locust Dale, VA - "I am enjoying the Newsletter very much." (Change of Address Noted)
MANN, Harley J. of Las Vegas, NV - sends a note "You guys are the greatest. Diane rec'd the teacher's aide material last week - jammed full of useful stuff about our solar system and our moon. Thanks a million for forwarding it to the GSFC folks."' (NOTE: Copy of your note has been given to Nina Harris of NASA/PAO - responsible for sending material) "On April lst I will be celebrating the l0th anniversary of my retirement from the finest place on Earth, you guessed Goddard? - you guessed right. A fantastic career! Thank you for the Newsletter - Thanks to all who help put it together."
Harley mentions upcoming surgery - would appreciate hearing from any of you.

ROAD CLEANUP: A team consisting of Bill Shields, Elaine Bobbitt, John Boeckel, Bob Morrissey, Elaine Montgomery, Ewald Schmidt and Bob Wigand collected twelve bags of trash from the road along Goddard's eastern boundary.


April l, l960: Thor-Delta launched TIROS-l, lst successful weather research satellite
April 26, l962 Thor-Delta launched Ariel-l, lst international cooperative satellite
April 4, l983: Shuttle Challenger launched TDRS-l, lst operational tracking and data relay satellite
April 6, l984: lst on-orbit satellite repair, performed on Solar Max Mission from Shuttle Challenge:

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Dorothy V. of Palm Coast, Fla -died Nov. l5, 2003 - Retired from Goddard's Engineering Division.
PETRONE, Josephine of Riverdale, MD - died February l7, 2004 - Retired from Goddard in l980.
SODEN, John P. of Silver Spring, MD - died March l2, 2004
CAHILL, William F., of Silver Spring, MD - died March l4.

GRAA MEMBERS: Arrangements have been made to admit retirees directly through the Soil Conservation
RETIREE PICTURE BADGE. Call Alberta for reservations, 301-937 7762