Goddard Retirees Alumni Association
P.O. Box 163 Seabrook, MD 20703

March 2001                                http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/~graa                   17th Year of Publication


April l0, 200l           GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON ALSO T&E REUNION* (See Comments Below) - ll:30 AM - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762                                  for luncheon reservations

May 8, 200l            GRAA REGULAR LUNCHEON ALSO OAO REUNION*(See Comments Below) ll:30 AM - RecCenter - Pls call 30l-937-7762                                 for luncheon reservations -

May l3-23, 200l     CANADIAN TRAIN RIDE - Vancouver to Toronto - l0 days from $2000 -Call 301 937-7762 for details and brochure -Have                                 combination air and bus transportation for under $500. Still not too late

July l4, 200l           GSFC MATERIALS BRANCH First Reunion - l2 Noon til 5 PM - RecCenter - Joann Uber, Code 54l, will accept reservations                                and payments at $l8/person from all present and past employees of the Materials Branch and their spouses. Pls make checks                                payable to Joann Uber. The menu will include hot hors d'oeuvres and a picnic fare of burgers, dogs, salads, beans, etc., plus                                wine, beer, and soft drinks. Make reservations at an early date to ensure the event - cut off date is 6/9 - (This affair is being                                coordinated by Al Babecki) Joann 301-286-8469.

August 10-19       SCOTLAND-Icelandic Air to Glasgow. Make a complete circle of Scotland coastline, overnight Island of Skye, much more.                                $1,695 per person double occupancy, includes trans-Atlantic air, twin bed rooms, 7 full Scottish breakfasts, 5 three-course                               dinners, etc. $300 deposit with reservations. Call GRAA Travel for brochures 301-937-7762

Sept. 27- Oct. l    Branson, MO Tour - 5 days, 4 nights, $780 per person, covers travel, shows, motel, many meal. . If you are interested, call                               GRAA. travel 301-937-7762 - Only 15 reservations left.

       Our March gathering drew over 60 people to enjoy Barney's outstanding corned beef and cabbage dinner and to hear Bob Kraemer's talk about his book "Beyond the Moon: the Golden Era of Planetary Exploration l97l-l978". Bob emphasized how Goddard's role in the development of what we called the Galactic Jupiter Probe and Pioneer Explorer led to the success of these missions under other names and management by other centers, but with many Goddard experiments on board. It was an excellent talk and much appreciated.
      In the next two months we have a T&E reunion on April l0 (Earle Young at 30l-994-l82l is in charge and has over 40 people planning to come) and the OAO reunion on May 8. (Maureen Locke at 30l-249-90l7). These should be splendid opportunities to see a lot of old friends.
     The results of the election for GRAA board members took about as long as the last presidential election, but with more or less satisfactory results depending on your politics. Anyway, those now on the board are George Abid, Charlie Boyle, Danny Dalton, Bob Hutchison, Bob Morrissey, George Pieper, Bob Wigand and Bob Wilson. One of these days we'll complete the election of officers from our number.

MAIL STUFFERS FOR MARCH: Mary & Bob Wilson, Bob Wigand, George Abid, John Steckel. Eloise Tarter, Richard Tagler, Bill Shields, and Marty Eiband.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Donations were received from Herb Butler, H. H. Dickson, Floyd Ford, Paul Karpiscak, Bob Bourdeau, Charles White, Lonnie Hoffman, John Thole, James E. Scobey, James "Chuck" Jackson, and Wilton Watts.


HERB BUTLER: Your request for another Membership Directory has been noted - will be sent shortly. Also your comments to Alberta Moran that you are still growing dahlias noted - Herb lives in Hightstown, NJ.

JAMES 'CHUCK' JACKSON: Lives in Brevard. NC - Says "Life is great (the alternative is not good)" - thanks for keeping us all informed. If anyone is interested in what is happening to the ROSMAN TRACKING STATION drop him a note -

J. ED SCOBEY:of Clemmons, NC - Appreciates receiving the Newsletter and the work of those members who prepare and mail-stuff this newsy periodical each month. He and his wife, Vera, moved from Silver Spring and moved to North Carolina and built their house. Mentioned that they would be pleased to have old friends of the GSFC alumni call should they come through this area of North Carolina. Always looks forward to receiving the GRAA Newsletter.

FLOYD E. FORD: Sends thanks from sunny and warm Perry, Florida to the many individuals that keep the retirees up to date on the happenings around GSFC. Looks forward to getting the Newsletter and Goddard Bulletin each month. After five years, decided to stay in Florida - sold the motor home - two grandchildren spend a lot of time with them. In January the good life finally caught up - had by-pass surgery and three weeks later had a mild heart attack. Presently being treated with medication - road to full recovery looks promising. Extends an invitation to any if on the Gulf Coast of Florida, to stop in. Keaton Beach is just a few miles south of Perry and a short detour of U.S. l9. The fishing is always great, the crabs are always plentiful and the scallops are usually available during July and August. .


HELEN (PAT) BARNES: Died of heart failure January ll, 200l in Hanover, MD. Retired from the old Code 53l - Computer Management Branch.

JAMES (JIM) CRANE: After a battle with multiple myaloma. died in Mesquite, TX, December 30, 2000. Was a Station Director at several NASA tracking stations during the 60's and 70's.

ALMON ANDREW "ANDY" GRAY, JR.: Died at his home in Lanham after a heart attack on February l3, 200l. Retired in l993 after 28 years as an aerospace engineer at GSFC. .


                                                                      SPECIAL ADMITTANCE

                                                                  TICKET TO G.R.A.A. LUNCH

                                                              You must be accompanied by a GRAA

                                                            member or GSFC employee with a badge.

RECENT RETIREES (as of 3/l3/200l):
Name                              Org. Code   Retirement Date
Dr. Gabriel L. Epstein          740              2/03/0l
Ronald S. Krellen                547              3/02/0l
Robert L. Smith, Jr.             663              3/02/0l
Thomas (Tom) M. White     230              2/22/0l
William D. Worrall              444             3/02/0l