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Jan 11                      GRAA Regular Luncheon at 11:30 a.m.  This event will include the Echo Project Reunion.  The Echo Project was launched 40 years ago last January.  Plan to attend, visit with old friends, and recall this very visible satellite.  See item below for additional details.  Reservations are required, so please call Alberta Moran at 301-937-7762 in advance.

Feb 6                       Barney Hoyt will be hosting a Super Bowl Party at the Barney and Bea Recreation Center.  With the doors opening at 4:30 p.m., this special event will include an open bar, chips and pretzels, a delicious steak dinner, widescreen and smaller TVs, and an opportunity to win some great door prizes and games of chance.  All the food and entertainment you need on Super Bowl Sunday for only $40.00.  Please call Alberta Moran at 301-937-7762 for a reservation.

Feb 8                       Mark your calendar for the GRAA Regular Luncheon at 11:30 a.m.  Details will appear in the February issue.

Mar 8                      Mark your calendar for the GRAA Regular Luncheon at 11:30 a.m.  Details will appear in the March issue.

Apr 21                    Eastern Caribbean 10-day cruise on Holland America from Norfolk, VA, to the Bahamas, St, Thomas, Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico.  Cruise fares vary from $1,275 inside up to $1,750 outside with veranda.  The fares include fixed fees of $238 to cover port taxes and other miscellaneous charges.  This same cruise is available on February 17, 2005, by joining a group from Ocean City.  For reservations and/or additional information, please call GRAA Travel at 301-937-7762.


ECHO PROJECT REUNION:  Attendees at the GRAA Regular Luncheon on January 11th will celebrate the Echo Satellites.  Echo I was launched in 1960 and was the world’s first communications satellite.  It was also the first satellite launched by the Delta launch vehicle.  Echo II was launched in 1964 and made significant improvements to the balloon design.  Ron Muller and John Thole will be featured speakers.  They have prepared a presentation that includes vintage newsreels, movies, and the first videos broadcast from space.  Come, share your Echo stories and/or artifacts, and remember how these satellites lit up the sky for the entire world to see.



January 25, 1964:  Thor-Agena launched Echo II, a 135-foot inflated sphere communications satellite.

January 26, 1978:  Delta launched the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE), providing useful data for almost 19 years.

January 28, 1986:  TDRS-B, a Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, was lost as part of the Shuttle Challenger disaster.


RETIREMENT FAREWELL:  Marie Stubbs, GSFC’s International Visit Coordinator for lo these many years, retired at the end of the year.  If you would like to bid a fond farewell to Marie, plan to attend her retirement dinner at the Bea and Barney Recreation Center on Wednesday, January 26, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are $20.00 and may be obtained by contacting Lois Otterson (301-286-6873), Trish Ryan (301-286-1840), or Natalie McMurdy (301-286-2016).


ENVELOPE STUFFERS FOR DECEMBER:  Marge Gustafson, Barbara Hamilton, Rose McChesney, Elaine Montgomery, Dave Moulton, Bill Shields, Agnes Smith, Eloise Tarter, Roland Van Allen, Bob Wigand, Mary and Bob Wilson, and Frank Wrigley.



John Bowerman wrote, “Thank you for the mailings.  Mary and I are in good health.  I work for the Baltimore County Library System.”

David Blanchard wrote (in response to George Marechek’s call to hear from other former Code 500 colleagues), “I appreciate the effort you folks make to keep in touch with us out here.  I consult with only one company now and concentrate on managing our house and very large yard.  Allene and I still live in Silver Spring, MD, and after more than 46 years of accumulating things are trying to distribute and get rid of things.  We plan to stay in this area but in a smaller home on one level with a smaller lot.  We still travel a good bit.  We went to India this year and spent a month in England last year.  We enjoy visiting two grandchildren in Benton City, WA, and two in McLean, VA.  Keep the newsletters coming and thank you again.”

Bill Edeline wrote, “Thank you for 20 years of enlightenment.  I appreciate the efforts of the envelope stuffers and all others who have strived to keep retirees up-to-date.”

Huai-Pu Chu wrote, “Thank you very, very much for sending me the newsletters.”

Mike Rector wrote, “Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.”



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bob Wigand reports that donations were received from John Bowerman, John Lesko, and Marie Marr. 



John Lesko’s new address is jgl@alltel.net.



Harry M. Bickford, Jr. of Holiday, FL, passed away on November 18th.  He was a supervisor in the Experimental Engineering and Fabrication Division when he retired from Goddard in 1975 after 35 years of government service

Joseph C. Shupe of Bethesda, MD, passed away on November 27th.  He worked as a programmer with NOAA in Silver Spring, MD, and at Goddard.

Richard A. Schumacher, Sr. of Salisbury, MD, passed away on November 30th.  When he retired in the mid-1990’s, he was Control Systems Operation Manager for the Multi-Satellite Operations Control Center.  He also served on the board of directors of the NASA Federal Credit Union for over 35 years.

Robert L. Hermann of Woodfield, MD, passed away on November 27th.  

Ellen Johnson of Silver Spring, MD, recently passed away.

Louis J. Kirouac of Accokeek, MD, recently passed away.

Frederick Bender of Elkridge, MD, recently passed away.

Fred G. Kellam, Jr. of Newport News, VA, recently passed away.


RECENT RETIREES:  Jo Ann Carpenter and Stephen Maran.  We understand there will be a raft of new retirees appearing in the February issue.


GRAA NEWSLETTER MAILINGS:  If you no longer wish to receive GRAA mailings, please send a note to our Seabrook address or an e-mail to Dave Moulton at davidlmoulton@comcast.net.  If you have moved or want to correct the mailing address we use, please write to our Seabrook address or send an e-mail to Strat Laios at stratlaios@comcast.net.


CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY PARTY APPRECIATION:  Brian Wong, GEWA President, wrote, “I would like to thank the retired volunteers for all they did to make the Children’s Holiday Party a success.  This was the first year I attended and I was very impressed with how it all went.  The success of this event is due to the efforts of dedicated volunteers like you.  I had a very pleasant day and really enjoyed seeing you there.  You were all just great.”  Many of the retirees at this year’s party either attended the parties with their children and/or volunteered their services while they worked at Goddard.


BARNEY HOYT SIGHTING:  Now that Barney Hoyt is no longer active at the Recreation Center, we understand he has apparently taken a new career path.  Retirees on a recent shopping trip to Lancaster, PA, spotted him performing at a fabulous holiday show at the American Music Theatre.  A confidential source reports that he was sighted at center stage while four beautiful “reindears” danced, pranced, and fawned over him.  He presented a handsome image, all bedecked with garland and topped off with a Santa hat (not an angel).   


GEWA EXCHANGE STORE:  Have you picked up your Entertainment Book for 2005?  If not, the GEWA still has plenty in stock.  The Maryland/DC and Virginia/DC books are $25.00, and the Baltimore book is $26.00.  The book can be activated immediately and put to good use.  The book pays for itself after visiting just a couple of places where the coupons are accepted.  In addition to all the dining establishments, recreational activities and other items of interest in the books, after activating your card you can call Entertainment or go to their web site (www.Entertainment.com) for more places to visit.


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